treeplanting, at home this time!

our backyard is great. it’s enclosed, gated and safe for the kids to run around in. there are smallish beds for me to garden in and even room for our sweet shed in one corner. Our home came with it, but a friend had to repurpose repo storage buildings for sale they found, and it works for them. Still, we love our shed, and we love our backyard. but, it’s always lacked in the pretty fence department. on one side of the yard there is a simple, cheap, but pleasant to the eyes wooden fence. the other side has the shed and a neighbours garage wall, which is all fine, but it’s the back of the yard which has a rusty old horrendous thing that pains me to look at! A friend from the UK had told me when they needed their fences redone they’d gone to Hillsborough Fencing because they had composite fencing that would last a lot longer than metal or wood. makes me wish my family was over there. i have been bugging dear hubby for a few years to do something about the fence or lack thereof. I spent a long time looking on sites like to try and find the perfect fence but we were tight on budget. so finally this spring we got a quote from an awesome local carpenter. unfortunately, his quote was more than this single income family could afford, so we had to come up with a plan B.

then the other day i was at the grocery store and saw hundreds of potted cedar trees and that’s when it hit me… let’s plant a cedar hedge along the back fence.

dear hubby and the boys thought this was the greatest idea ever!

so on saturday morning dear hubby headed out first thing to buy the trees. we wanted to get a head start on the day. it was snowing that morning and there was snow on the ground, but dear hubby was excited to get planting! We started by clearing all of the leaves and debris from the garden so we had a clear space to work in – we borrowed a friend’s leaf blower last minute for this that they got from The Best Leaf Blowers – it was a real time saver. Raking all those leaves up or picking them by hand would’ve been a pain!

here’s bear digging a hole, with dear hubby’s treeplanting shovel from back in the day. i can’t help but ooze some sappy mama pride watching my kids planting. for those who don’t know, dear hubby and i met and fell in love while working as treeplanters in northern ontario about 12 years ago!

it is a bit cliche to plant trees for earth day, but i think there’s something really important about it. the soil was freezing, the air cold but the guys got to work and planted 10 trees into the back yard. they learned some valuable lessons along the way and saved a bunch of worms, too!

in this pic you can really see the nasty chain link fence, but look how beautiful and green these cedars are! and, they were only $16 each and came with a years warranty! we may pop some trellis back behind the cedars for added privacy.

happy hump day y’all! it’s pouring rain here and i am thrilled about that, as the cedars need lots of water to get rooted properly into the soil.

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    What a great idea! They are lovely (and a steal at that price! Your little one (and big one too…) got a great Earth Day experience too

  2. says

    Love this! I’m told cedars grow quickly, too, and they’re good for diminishing the presence of mosquitoes. Wonderful inspiration.

    So cute that you met your hubby tree-planting!!