just call me diaper head.

i am the mother of two boys. with that comes a certain amount of daily conversation around penises, watching the kids stick their hands down their pants and let’snot forget about bum wiping! it all comes with the job and i get it!


but, now we have entered a new world of poop talk.
since starting school and more specifically since around christmas bear, my 5YO, says the word poo probably a million times a day. there are songs that he sings with only the word poo as lyrics. and, he targets his little brother with these words and rhymes and songs, in a taunting tone. i hear lion trying to stand up for himself shouting “no, me no poo, me a kid”. i cheer loudly for him in my head and think right on little lion! but, bear just keeps on going.

he repeats sentences like these every chance he gets..

you’re a diaper head.
you’re poopy baby poo.
you’re a baby diaper poo head.
poo-poo-poopy poo head.

i realize it is age appropriate, but i find this kind of talk absolutely exhausting to have to listen, because he never turns it off. bear has tried to bring the poo talk to the dinner table, but that’s where i’ve laid down the law, say the word once and it’s straight to bed. it works. but, then he starts with the name calling and poo talk as soon as he’s been excused from the table.


we’ve tried threats, ignoring it, taking away bed time stories, you name it, but it just keeps going on and on. i’ve asked around and some of his friends do it too, but not quite to the same degree.

the worst things about this poop talk is that now lion is slowly jumping onto the bandwagon! aaahhhhhh! this cannot be happening!!!!!

what have you done with your kids when they went through this phase???

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    I’m sorry but it’s not a phase, my 13 year old still finds potty humor hilarious. Just wait until they figure out the forced burps and farts…….. I just ignored them after telling them it’s not appropriate to talk like that and it does ease up where it’s not an every day thing.

  2. Andrea says

    Evan is constantly doing it too! It’s a time out right away and he hates it, so it is slowly starting to work. It is absolutely exausting for Sean and I, but we’ve had enough! Good luck MAMA!!!!

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