nothing beats family fun!

this weekend we didn’t really have any set plans. there were a million ideas floating around and items on our to-do lost that needed attention, but then i realized the local multicultural festival was happening so out we headed!

the weather was ideal for spending hours outside riding fair rides and eating ice cream. we did find some yummy indian for dinner, as well!

bear was a little grumpy about going, but got over his anxiety as soon as we arrived!

afternoons like this that happen spontaneously, when everyone is in a good mood and the weather cooperates seem to happen every 10 years or so! i am so happy that we had this fantastic day together, especially since bear has been full of extra sass and attitude recently. 

and, there was a firetruck!

the firefighters were handing out baseball cards. one of them asked the boys if they were blue jays fans, and they just stared back at him totally confused! we are not a sports family, so no, our boys have no idea who the jays are, but, they got a deck of cards anyway! woohooo!

we saw lots of friends.
we had a wonderful time.
and left right before the kids lost their cool. got home, watched a few cartoons and headed to bed!

how was your weekend?
what did you do?

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    Aww! I wished we could get to the festival, but it being E’s birthday weekend, we didn’t manage it. Maybe next year! Love your pics.