the stupidfication of DAD!

just before mother’s day i wrote about the degradation of mother. now, just days before we celebrate the men who are father’s i will write about the stupidfication of dad

it is everywhere you look, our media is saturated with jokes, sketches, books, tv shows, movies, blogs, characters, art, and so and so on, about the dumb dad. the dad who doesn’t know how to change a diaper, cook a healthy meal, . all he knows how to do is drink beer and sit in his man cave, while fearing his wife will find him and make him do a chore.

this representation of DUMB DAD infuriates me. the guys i know who are dad’s today, all changed diapers, know how to dress their kids, know how to throw together a healthy school lunch or dinner, and none of the dad’s i know, are stupid. they all make an effort to be good role models for their children, teaching life lessons through activities, conversations and by example. they are respectable, intelligent, and funny men!

dad’s and men weren’t always represented as dumb or incompetent.  back in the day, they were presented at the other extreme of the scale. dad’s were highly respected, highly feared men who ruled their homes. unfortunately, that respect stemmed from fear; children and women were expected to obey the men in their lives, whether they were father’s or husband’s. and if they didn’t fulfill the expectations they would be often be severely punished. 

but, over the years the pendulum has now swung to the other extreme of completely disrespecting dad’s.

for examples on how big name brands exploit this notion of dumb dad/ man, check out the commercials posted on this blog, stupid man commercials. or just google “dumb dad” and you’ll get countless hits on the subject. 

dear hubby is not a dumb dad or a stupid man. sure, he makes mistakes and he’s had his fair share of bad decisions  but, so do all of us; that’s all about being human. but, as a father he is quite capable and very hands on. i feel like my kids are very fortunate to have him as their dad.  dear hubby is a gentle, intelligent and very creative man, who is never phased by what other’s think of him!

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    You know Mama, I never even noticed the is. In my house, my husband doesn’t change many diapers. He doesn’t like changing diapers so he doesn’t. He, on the other hand, goes to work. I don’t like going to work, so I don’t do it.

    We work together.

    He also very rarely cooks the kids a meal. I can count, maybe 5 times he has cooked them a meal in the last year. However, he does make healthy choices, he just doesn’t like cooking them meals.

    I wouldn’t say he was dumb by any means. We all have our roles.

  2. says

    Enjoyed reading this. I am finding the media portrays so much negativity on both moms and dads and it is horrible. My parents raised 6 kids, and worked hard to give us all we needed to be successful in life. I can’t bear to watch the sitcoms of today because they portray a lot of parents as not knowing more than the kids etc. Sad to me and shows so much disrespect as well.