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lillian at a dome life tagged me for this and i love a good list, so i took the challenge. but, i actually found of these categories hard, like the reading one and the things i’d like to do before i die. anyhow, here goes….

Five Things I Have Passion For
1. my family
2. my blog
3. photography
4. art
5. gardening

Five Things I Would Like Like To Do Before I Die

1. backpack through south america with DH & the kids
2. go white water rafting
3. finish my women’s studies degree
4. camp in lapland

5. become a better hooper, as in find my flow
Five Things I Say A Lot
1. leave your brother alone; stop antagonizing him!
2. put poppy down, she does not like that!
3. should we do some kissing?
4. i love you.
5. you are beautiful.

Five Books And/Or Magazines I Have Read Lately

1. something from nothing
2. chirp
3. open 
4. the yoga journal

Five Favourite Movies
1. first position
2. amour
3. the intouchables
4. madagascar
5. baraka

Five Places I Would Love To Travel

1. paris
2. turkey
3. iceland
4. the arctic
5. peru

Five People I Hope Play This Old School Blogging Game

one organic mama, a grace full life, this silly girl’s life, dilovely, elle roy was here
xo, mama lola
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