yochi yochi shoes: a product review.

my little lion woke up one morning, stumbled down the stairs in his groggy state and found these super adorable frog shoes waiting for him on the table! 

“for me?” he asked.
“for you. try them on” i replied.

he slipped the shoes on easily, and as soon as he landed his first step the shoe made a silly squeak. then he landed another step and another, and the shoes kept squeaking away! the smile on my three year old’s face was priceless, as he repeated “rib-bit, rib-bit” jumping around the kitchen pretending to be a frog, as his shoes squeaked away!

these adorable shoes are by yochi yochi. they have four different designs you can pick from: lady bug, panda, skull n’ cross bone and of course these frogs! check out their website HERE. they also sell adorable socks that rattle with each movement. the socks are meant for babes.

the silly squeak is not only fun for kids, but also a great way to keep track of your independent toddler at a busy grocery store, for example. the sizes go from 4-10. the shoes are light weight, with easy to use velcro straps and a handy tab at the heel to help pull the shoes on. my lion loves to do up his own shoes and these shoes are no exception.

these adorable yochi yochi shoes are a perfect gift for any little person!


[ i was compensated in exchange for writing a product review for yochi yochi shoes, but the views and opinions are my own.]

xo, mama lola
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