make your own sparkly cobwebs!

we made these fun cobwebs last year, check them out HERE, and are back at it again for this halloween! the kids love this craft!


  • wax paper
  • white glue
  • sprinkles in your choice of colour
  • a fridge


  • tear off a piece of wax paper. it has to be bigger than your cobweb.
  • hold your glue bottle upside down, squeeze the glue out and create the outline of your cobweb.
  • then, fill in cobweb with cobweb like patterns on the inside.
  • make sure the different levels and sections of the cobweb are all joined.
  • generously dump sprinkles all over the wet glue 
  • shake the sprinkles around, so that all of the glue is covered in sprinkles.
  • by gently bending the wax paper is a great way to get the sprinkles evenly to sick to the glue.
  • once you are satisfied with your glitter cobweb, place wax paper with cobweb onto flat surface in your fridge.
  • let sit in there for a few hours. it really depends on the thickness of your glue and the temperature of your fridge. 
  • once it is hard and dry gently peel the sparkly cobweb off of the wax paper. it can be brittle so be gentle and slow.
the cobwebs can be used on table tops or you can stick them to windows by dabbing a small amount of white glue into the corners of the cobweb. white glue will easily wash off your windows with a damp cloth!
xo, mama lola
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