the blah’s.

it is mostly dark and grey outside, with spurts of warm sun here and there. the temperature is dropping outside and we are down to single digit temps now. fall has wrapped it’s soggy, wet arms around us tightly and will not let go.
fall is here to stay.

this time of year is a time for transitions. we are shifting seasons up here in canada, and at home we are shifting gears. my kids are slowing down, sleeping a little longer, wanting to play inside more and i’m just waiting for the sickness to kick in. i have brought out extra sweaters and layers to help keep the chill away. we turned on the furnace, as +16c seemed a little cold as an inside temperature!

apparently, we’re not the only people who have had to do this, as our friends in America have recently had to do the same. in the midst of it all though, they came to notice that their furnace had broken and they weren’t accessing the warm air that they needed to warm their house (or themselves) up. luckily, they contacted this Denver furnace repair company as soon as they noticed the problem, and the contractors were able to fix the problem before it got any worse. thank goodness for that! no one wants to spend their days freezing cold after all. I’m just glad that ours appeared to be working efficiently. My friends here suggested that Heat Pumps could be a good alternative for furnaces. Well, my family is considering the same for coming winter!

and, me? well, I too am slowing down, wanting to cozy up inside and I too am feeling lethargic. actually, i have felt tired and not quite myself for a couple of weeks now. i have started to take an iron supplement, a multi-vitamin, i exercise somewhat regularly, eat pretty well, but something is making me super exhausted. there are days where i feel like i am a narcoleptic, doing everything in my power not to pass out.
sounds funny, especially since i’m only 34 years young!
but, quite honestly, it feels unsettling.

my friends are suggesting i go see my family doctor, just to find out exactly what is going on. but, when will i find the time? between school drop-off’s, grocery runs, vacuuming at home, nap time, it’s really hard to squeeze in an appointment for me. also quite frankly, i am a little reluctant. the last time i felt crappy for a long period of time and talked to my doctor we discovered my pituitary gland tumour. now, i don’t want to sound dramatic, but i am a little nervous about what she might tell me. i know it’s my job to look after my health now i have a family – and i think i do a good job at it – but for some reason, i’m nervous this time round. when we found the tumour, i took the right steps, i asked my doctor “what is group critical illness insurance?” and got my family covered, took on all the advice the doctor gave me, have been back for reguarly check ups, etc. but this time, it just seems like something bad is going to happen. is it better to know, of course it is, because knowledge is empowering, but i feel like we are finally finding some kind of peace and calm at our house. i don’t want to stir the pot.
i don’t want to go looking for a problem or issue.
and, i don’t want to seem like i’m wanting attention or sickness…

maybe it’s just the fall blah’s.
yeah… it probably just is.

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    Blerg! Sorry to hear you are feeling crappy. Hope a bit of sunshine and a few iron pills gets you up and running again… although I think it’s suppose to rain in the tri-cities for the next little while. Fall is lovely, but today’s 5 degrees is a bit shocking.

  2. says

    Awww. Hugs for you, Praying it’s just the fall blahs. I get those (except mine are winter blahs). I get them when it’s -30 and I’ve been cooped up in the house for weeks on end. Canadian weather can be brutal.

    Take care of yourself. Thoughts, prayers, and lots of hugs.

    • says

      thanks, lady! canadian weather is tough, although i really like the winter months. as does my family. here’s hoping it’s just some kind of mental blah and not a physical one.

  3. says

    Oh! I didn’t know… That’s not cool. If your friend or husband or someone told you they were feeling like this, what would you advise them to do? (Go to the doctor or naturopath, probably… preventive medicine!) HUGS.