this moment : bear & lion part deux

welcome! welcome! welcome!

i have brand new, shiny home for bear & lion!

it’s been a long, confusing, uphill, bumpy, grumpy  road to get here, but it’s been so worth it.


welcome 2


i have to thank my dear hubby as he’s the geek behind this new WP site. he has spent many, many hours tweaking and customizing this new space, all the while trying to make it what i want. even though he’s a master programmer, it’s been hard. so, thanks babe!!!

i’m still learning the ropes at my new home. all the shiny bells and whistles are a little overwhelming, but with time i’ll be jingling n’ angling all the right things, i hope!





xo, mama lola
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    • mama lola says

      thanks, michelle! i was humming and hawing about the move, so glad i decided to do it, even though it’s been a stressful time!

    • mama lola says

      thanks heather. i stopped breathing last night at midnight when the transfer happened, but DH was cool as a cucumber! anything new has a learning curve, so here we go! XO

  1. says

    You did a great job and I love the header. Mr. Personally and I are just going through this process too so you are inspiring! I sometimes think there should be a network for our poor techy blogger husbands to connect up too, don’t you think???

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