make your own pom poms!

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look at these adorable pom poms i made. i will be using them as part of my gift wrapping this year, that’s why there are strings coming out  of them. i bought cheap, acrylic yarn, deciding lovely wool wasn’t worth it in the long run.

then i picked through pinterest and discovered several different ways of making pom poms. i tried out three.


FIRST METHOD: this is by far the fastest and most efficient way, in my opinion.

it’s from DIY queens



SECOND METHOD: this one is best for tiny pom poms and is not my fave. but, it’s fun nonetheless.

get yer forks out! found this tutorial from small good things.

pompoms,diy pom poms, how to make pom poms


THIRD METHOD: this is the way my mum taught years and years ago. tried, tested and true, but more time consuming than the first method.

this tutorial comes from lark & linen.

diy pom poms, how to make pom poms, pom pom crafts


i didn’t find that one method made better pom poms over another. the key to a pretty pom pom is using lotsa yarn and making sure you trim it evenly at the end.

do you have a favourite method of making pom poms?

pom pom crafts, crafts, diy pom poms

xo, mama lola
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