habits: these are mine, what are yours?


Habits. Quirks.

Whatever you call ’em we all have them. Some of them are healthy, some not so much. some are just weird routines we get into.

I used to have some really bad ones. I was a smoker in my youth. Big time.

I would wake up in the morning, light up, get dressed, then head to work. The thought of that disgusts me now and horrifies the jeepers out of me! But, eventually I was able to stop that habit and move onto other vices, like drinking lotsa coffee. I actually quit smoking just over 10 years ago! Woohoo me!

Giving up smoking can be so hard. One of my friends is trying to give up smoking at the moment. After doing some research online, she decided to buy a vape pen and some e-liquids like these ones from Jam Monster to make the transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping. A lot of people I know have used vaping as a stop smoking aid as it is supposed to be a safer alternative. It does seem to be working for my friend though so I have got my fingers crossed for her!


Today one of my big habits is drinking club soda. weird, right? it all started with the kitchen reno in the fall when we wouldn’t have running water for long periods of time. i’ve been great at drinking water so it was tricky for me when i was home, so one day i bought myself a case of club soda. i was never a huge fan of it before, but thought it would be a good substitute for the time being… little did i know that i would become hooked! i am still completely hooked.

i crave it, look forward to cracking a not-so cold one open and taking that first super fizzy sip!

weird, i know!

i also have other habits, like drinking coffee in the morning, but only in the morning i can’t drink any in the afternoon as i get too buzzy! i brush my teeth in a very specific order, i walk through the grocery store in a very specific way, which helps not forget anything on my list. a lot of my habits keep my day, my thoughts, my responsibilities in order. i kinda get stuck in my ways of doing things, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it right?

my kids and DH have their own habits. when DH or lion are concentrating on a task they both do this weird tongue thing! so gross! bear has gotten in the habit of licking his lips when reading out loud. it’s such a funny little thing he does, i don’t think he even notices it.

i guess that’s the thing with our wee quirks and habits; we often don’t notice that we’re doing them!

what are some of your habits?


xo, mama lola
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