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DIY bird feeder round-up!

we here in SW ontario have been having some wild, winter weather. to help out the birds, we have put out all sorts of yummy things for the birds to eat. i know some people are against bird seed and bird feeders, but i think they are wonderful. our whole family enjoys watching the variety of feathered friends that come to visit!

bird feeders, diy, kids crafts

this round-up includes bird feeders that kids can help make. these kinds of projects are a great way to teach children about the natural world. i value my kids’ connection to their surrounding environment greatly and am always looking for ways to help initiate more curiosities with it.


simple orange bird feeder from confessions of an overworked mom

DIY, bird feeder, heart

heart shaped bird feeder from alpha mom


classic cheerio feeder from hands on as we grow


milk carton feeder from chic steals


toilet paper roll feeder from a thrifty mom

diy, bird feeder, toiletpaper roll craft

toilet paper roll feeder with sticks from play from scratch


DIY grapevine suet feeder from the garden roof coop

i have made some of these kinds of feeders before. one christmas i made little bird seed feeders with various holiday cookie cutters, like the heart shaped ones. not sure how practical they are, but lion and i had fun making them and people were delighted to receive them as gifts.

have fun making your own feeder. tweet, tweet!

xo, mama lola

going green(er).

i am always looking for ways to be a little more environmentally friendly.  there are some things in our household we can’t change, but there are so many little things we can do to make a small difference. i was inspired while reading this list, so i compiled my own. i chose ten things we could change or improve at our house. 

  1. start collecting “grey” water in our kitchen. i have wanted to do this for a long time, so here’s my moment to start. “grey” water for us means, dish water or left over sips of coffee or water in mugs etc.
  2. buy more in bulk and bring own bag or container.
  3. only buy local produce and product when possible. although there are some items we ALWAYS buy that are local, i want to make more of an effort to keep our local economy thriving. this includes food, but also purchasing gifts from local artisans or crafters or independent sellers. 
  4. ride my bike more. poor tallulah doesn’t get the pedal time she deserves!
  5. when driving use the car more efficiently by getting more errands done in one trip.
  6. sign up for on-line billing and see how much of that junk the bank mails out can actually be eliminated.
  7. waste less food. this is becoming an issue for us that fills me with guilt. 
  8. re-use, re=use: do more crafts with cereal boxes or sour cream containers, make grocery lists on used paper, bird feeders out of cartons (*send me your suggestions!)
  9. make own food: i could bake bread, pickle things more often, dry more herbs….
  10. unplug small appliances so as not to use “ghost” electricity.

i think that is a very doable list and one that i can always add to or edit as needed. what do you guys think? i would appreciate any feedback. 
i will update you with my goings-on. wish us luck!

xo, mama lola
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