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welcome and thanks so much for stopping by my wee corner of the internet world, also known as, bear & lion.

this blog is a peek into my life, which is filled with all sorts of highs and woes. as a SAHM my days are filled with love n’ hugs, but also screaming and fighting, school drop offs and pick-ups, meal planning and clean up, and i also try to fit in some much needed self care! i love to cook, sew and get crafty with my kids.

i am an attachment parenting mama to my cubs; my eldest is bear and my youngest is lion. i am a wife to dear hubby, a daughter, a friend. i was made in finland and have traveled the world, living in several countries, but currently am settled in canada. i always feel the itch to go and experience a new adventure.

i am a non-malignant brain tumour survivor, which was and continues to be an experience that profoundly changed me. and my family. it was discovered during my second pregnancy with lion, and really threw a wrench into our birth plans. you can read more about all of that HERE.

we are mostly a vegetarian family, but we do eat sea food, as recommended by our naturopath. we were egg free for a couple of years because bear was found to be sensitive to them, but has since outgorwn them is appears. the recipes i shared back a few years are all egg free, but can be adjusted for egg eaters easily!

we love to do crafts, as well. but, now that my kids are older (as of 2014) we don’t do as much crafts at home, because the kids are busy with school. we do still get creative, just not as often! i have instead started to explore my own creativity more, sewing more and exploring various other materials, like felt!

well, thanks so much for popping by.
i hope you enjoy your visit and come by another time. i would love to hear what you have to say about anything on my blog, so feel free to leave a comment.

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please do not use any of the content here (pictures or thoughts or whatever), without my permission or sourcing it back to me.

xo, mama lola


 this is DH and i ate a wedding a few years ago. don’t we look happy!