toilet paper roll spiders for halloween!

it is almost halloween, which means we are in full spider, witch, pumpkin’ craft mode!

last week i splurged and bought some silly supplies from the craft store… things like more googly eyes, tons of pipe cleaners, black felt and orange glitter! definitely a halloween theme going on here! 

so, here is what lion and i made… SPIDERS! this craft is perfect for the younger kiddo’s, as there is nothing creepy or scary about these spiders! 


  • 1 toilet paper roll
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • coloured construction paper
  • 1 big pom-poms
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • a sewing needle
[ busy at work at our messy , but FUN art table. took this pic with my phone.]


  1. cut toilet paper roll in half, cut construction paper to fit around each toiler paper roll half
  2. clue the paper onto toilet paper roll, and decorate. lion just used markers, but use your imagination here!
  3. take one pipe cleaner and cut into 4 equal parts (i folded the pipe cleaner in half, and then in half again to get the right size)
  4. poke 4 holes on each side of the decorated torso. i used a larger sewing needle and wiggled it around to make sure my pipe cleaner would fit through. attach legs and bend into spider-y pose!
  5. glue the pom-pom into one end of the roll, then glue on eyes!
  6. voila! a halloween spider!

we will be making lots of these and attaching them to our big cobweb! 

xo, mama lola

DIY stamps!

DIY, stamps, gift tags, gift wrap

about 10 years ago i made some simple potato stamps and decorated tissue paper with hearts and x-mas trees. every christmas my mum and i still use the few sheets that are left for each others gifts. there is something sweet about the personal, creative touch, don’t you think?
so, now that my 5yo bear is a super-keen-artist-dude,  i think he’s ready to make some fun stamps. after researching ideas for this blog post, i too am eager to roll up my sleeves and get creative. we’re going to stamp everything from gifts tags, wrapping paper, cards and whatever we else will find.

you can make stamps for any and all special occasions!

here is a round-up of ideas, how to’s and examples of what other creative types have made.

upcycled wine corks from soap deli news


cork stamp from makita studio


DIY extra large letter [foam] stamps from the cheese thief

festive potato stamps from juggling act mama

carved rubber stamps from minna may


wine cork mustache stamp from bespangled


DIY stamps (random shapes) from play based learning


potato stamps from kanelstrand

rubberband stamps from sas + rose

butterfly stamp from can’t stop making things


eraser stamps from gathering beauty


hand carved stamps from gennine’s art blog


arrow tail shirt print from whimsy box


i’m in stamp heaven: gift tags from caro’s heaven


christmas stamps from claire belle makes


my local grocery store had erasers on super-duper sale, and i bought a large handful of them! i’ll share our stamp creations soon!
DIY, stamps, gift tags, gift wrap
xo, mama lola

rock painting crafts!

rock painting, crafts, kids crafts,

i love using items from the natural world for our craft projects. it’s a wonderful opportunity to get out for a hike or explore some hidden corner in our backyard, but mostly it’s a great way to connect my boys with their outside environment.

i have always collected rocks and now i watch my kids stuff their pockets or buckets with all sorts of rocks! bear and i have already discussed packing a few small bottles of paint for our summer road trip so that the kids can paint during our vacation. it’ll be a great a way to calm their beans and get them focused on something for a, i of course had to scour the interweb for some inspiration…. check out these beautiful rocks! i chose examples from a variety of different skill levels, styles and sizes, because i wanted to get your and my creative juices flowing!

realistic animals by lin wellford


decorated pebbles by maria mercedes truijil at designspiration
rock painted critters by emelisa mudle of heart art
painted rocks by red bow studios
doodling on rocks by creative jewish mom
rock magnets by coastal inspired creations
colourful rocks by one perfect day blog
rock eggs by the crafty crow
animal rocks by tightwad


modge podge painted rocks by blooming on bainbridge


painted rocks by inspire bohemia
rock painting, hearts
heart rocks by color me katie


larger painted rocks by funnelcloud the blog

which one is your favourite?
do you think you’ll be painting any rocks soon?

can’t wait to share what we make on the road!

xo, mama lola

my mother’s day.

mother’s day is drawing to a close.
our day was full, happy and overflowing with love. it wasn’t a mother’s day that was about fancy jewels or planned with anything extra special. but, there were just enough small surprises and just the right kind of special things going on to make it an awesome day!

i woke up to a quiet, still house, except for poppy who was meowing her morning song full blast. i waited for my guys to rise. once they did, i got songs sung to me by two adorable naked little boys. i was gifted a beautiful painting bear completed at school and a bunch of wonderful cards and crafts. my dear hubby got me a waffle iron, but what he got me that was the best thing ever was…. he brought his old childhood desk from his parent’s house and set it up in the basement for me. i realize it doesn’t sound like anything special, but i’ve been wanting a quiet, private space to do some sewing for along timenow. out basement is not finished, but i will make my wee corner cozy and an area for working.
i am so excited!

dear hubby whipped up some yummy (egg free) waffles and then we headed out to see my parents. we decided to meet in a town about half way between our two communities. we found an old textile mill from the turn of the 20th century that has recently been turned into a series of galleries and working art studio’s. the limestone building was so well preserved and maintained with touched of old and new, that each turn or gallery we discovered was exciting to view. even the outside space was decorated with interesting, beautiful art.

the weather today was wild; cold, wet, sunny, windy and an adventure of its own! it made it impossible to stay outside for long periods, because at times it felt as though we were being attacked by whatever was falling from the sky! it was hilarious, and we all had fun with it, but only because these temperatures that are hovering around zero will belong gone by mid week!

after the art we had a beautiful japanese lunch and showered my mum with all sorts of gifts. the biggest being a ping pong table as per her request. the actual table is too big to fit into our minivan with all of us in it, so we made a cardboard replica and dear hubby will deliver the real deal tomorrow! so hilarious! my parents starting with ping pong! haha! the kids of course are excited and cannot wait to go play!

we ended the day at home with quick naps on the couch for lion and myself. quick, easy dinner made by dear hubby; grilled bagels with brie, tomato, avocado and dijon! yum!

not that i want to compare one special occasion with another, but i think i have to admit this was definitely one of the best mother’s day yet! although, truth be told it’s also only my fifth, but who cares. we had a wonderful day and that’s what matters most!


xo, mama lola

~ earth day ~

earth day crafts, kids crafts, earth day

earth day around the corner.

how will you discuss this important day with your kids?below, i have compiled 10 fun projects you can do with the kids. projects that will hopefully initiate some kind of dialogue about planet earth, how we must care for and why. some of the links i included are from adult artists (like the painter rocks and sticks), but kids can have a blast looking for the materials and then decorating them. this list is just a starting point, like a brainstorming session.

earth day, crafts, earth day crafts, kids crafts, natural ctafts

1. stained glass earth [ mom on time out]
2. tree craft fro toddlers [momma rambles]
3. glitter earth handprint [apples and abc’s]
4. painter sticks [molly goldberg]
5. stick wreath [sf girl by bay]
6. painted rocks [sand between my toes]
7. living centre piece [live renewed]
8. gnome house [the gardeners anonymous blog]
9. terranium tutorial [pieced pastimes]

jenny, over at the jenny evolution has compiled a fantastic collection of books  (HERE) to get the discussion about earth day rolling with your kids. “the giving tree” is on her list; it’s a book i can’t read to the kids without crying! gets me every time!


to me, earth day is not just about the planet, but also focussing on the details that make up our beautiful round home. the trees, the soil, the sticks, the worms, the varying weather and so on. 




feel free to add links in the comment section to your earth day themed projects! 
i would love to see what you have been or will be up to!

xo, mama lola

frida kahlo was a phenomenal woman.

the other week i had a special date with my dad. we went to the art gallery to see the frida kahlo and diego rivera exhibit. 
it was stunning. 
just breathtaking.

frida lived such an incredible life, one which she documented so beautifully through her art. her life was vibrant and bold full of tragedies, love, lust; full of political and emotional turmoil and a love for her homeland of mexico unlike anything else. 

when i was eighteen i went to mexico with my mom. we travelled around the country, never staying in a resort, but instead immersing ourselves into the culture. it helped that we had friends there who took us in and took us around. but, we did travel on our own as well, seeing all sorts of beautiful sights: mayan pyramids, beaches of glorious white sand where we were the only tourists. 

in mexico city we saw some diego rivera’s famous mural’s at the presidential palace. they were huge and astounding! his magic with murals is jaw dropping and mind boggling! 

we also visited the famous house that frida and diego shared, la casa azul, the blue house. their love of history, bold colours, textures and art were all on display in this fascinating house. what a treat to see this place!

at the art gallery of ontario you are not allowed to take pictures of some of the art, something about copyright laws or something. i don’t really understand as when we were at MOMA in NYC, we took pictures of the big hits by van gogh, picasso, monet and other’s.

check out my handsome date!

xo, mama lola

baa-baa-black sheep.

we had a family date last night. we walked downtown and enjoyed some good ol’ culture!
first, we saw les moutons from corpus. it was the funniest and silliest thing ever! 

the performance included sheep, a shepherd and of course a big bad wolf.  the kids loved it and lion is still talking about the sheep. they really made an impression on him.

the we headed up the road to another cultural event, an yarn bombing! local volunteers knit various sized squares that were the brought downtown to cozy up the trees and streets. lion went around hugging all the trees, while bear made a pom-pom to match his fleece!

today, we’re heading out to some farms to pick some apples, find some pumpkins and spend some quality time a family.

what are your plans for the weekend?

xo, mama lola
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