lion’s birthday par-teh!

we had a small and simple birthday party for lion’s second birthday. we invited everyone to join us at a local park, next to the river and a playground. 
it was perfect. 
we found a picnic table next some big ol’ shady trees and set up our party.
there were carrot cake and chocolate lion cupcakes.

rainbow fruit kabobs.

beautiful handmade pinwheels made by dear hubby. inspiration from HERE.

balloons for all the kids to take home!

colourful bunting flags quickly sewn up by your truly. see instructions HERE.

we had flowers from our backyard.

drinks sitting in a bucket of ice.

signing happy birthday and paljon onnea!

we ate all the goodies with goodie friends!

and lion was spoiled with lots of wonderful new toys and gifts!

and, lion was the recipient of lots of special birthday hugs and kisses!

lion’s birthday was a success! it wasn’t nearly as emotional as i had suspected, although i did have a few good sobs in the days leading up his birthday. and, as usual, i got a lump in my throat when singing paljon onnea; i am such a sop sometimes!

xo, mama lola

a how to :: birthday bunting flags.

for my sweet lion’s second birthday party, i decided to whip up some bunting flags last minute. i have some old sheets i have purchasednand collected over the years for just such a quick project. 

i cut the flags with my pinking sheers, not worrying too much about size or symmetry, as the flags will be outdoor decorations. 
then i just pinned the flags to the bias tape, sewed then together with my machine with a zig-zag stich and voila, they were done!

happy, colourful decorations, perfect for a two year olds park birthday! if you used more care and different fabric you could make them for weddings, or any fancy occasion, not just birthday parties. see, like HERE.

don’t they look lovely?
i love that i can reuse them and only spent $1.54 on the biased tape; way cheaper and eco friendlier than streamers!

xo, mama lola

someone’s birthday is coming up!

i can’t even take it!
my littlest lion is going to be two, TOMORROW and it’s kinda breaking my heart. has it really been two years since i was pregnant and waddling around like a beached whale (no, really, i was HUGE. i attribute the mammoth weight gain to my tumour creating imbalances and then the ensuing depression that made me eat tubs of ice cream). 

two years since all the stress and fear and worry?

has it really been two years since we had a new born at home with us?

we’re busy prepping tonight for tomorrow’s grand party! cupcakes, bunting flags and fruit oh my!   can’t wait to celebrate my littlest dude with our friends and family!

i am so behind with my blogging… 
i am hoping to catch up on
bear’s dance camp performance,
patty’s BACHELORETTE and the burlesque dancing,
and other fun things that we’ve done in the past few days!
and never mind posting about lion and his birthday!

xo, mama lola


as summer rolls in with it’s hot and humid days we are clocking in more hours outside. there are gardens to tend to, bikes to ride and diggers to dig with. we are trying to take advantage of the warm weather. but, with warmer temperatures come new routines and a mama who has to be more flexible about all the daily activities. 

baths are often skipped for a dip in the kiddy pool or for garden work, dinners are sometimes pushed back and snacks are devoured outside in the heat. more popsickles are consumed and more watermelon is dripped all over shirts, which makes perfect sense, as these are ways we can take full advantage of our short summers here in canada.

[ lion holding his wee cousin. sweet. ]

sleep is another biggie that we have had become more flexible about. it’s hard though, because kids need a certain amount of Z’s to function at their best. but, as we clock in more time outside it means the dudes are clocking in less time in bed, because of this, i am trying to enforce longer naps for lion and stiller, quiet time for bear, daily. we had similar sleep conundrums last summer, too.

last night we celebrated a special birthday. we left the party just before 9pm, got home by 9:30pm and that’s when lion woke up and then both kids had difficulty falling back asleep. it was 10:30pm, before they were both soundly sleeping in their beds, which for us is unheard of! 

[ happy birthday grandpa! ]

i crawled into bed fearing the following day.

but, we survived today without too many bruises; no more than usual! we played croquet with great friends and had an awesome grilled cheese lunch outside!

i have lived another day of mothering and look forward to tomorrow’s adventures!

how was your day today?

xo, mama lola

fundraising for a vacation.

i have decided to do some spring cleaning in the basement and am purging, purging, purging! we are over flowing with kids clothes, toys that the kids have out grown and stuff that has been stashed downstairs for too long. i decided i could use this as a way to start making some extra money, so i took to LeoList and have placed lots of kids items up for sale. after i sold a few pieces, i decided to keep the money in a jar and put those dollars towards our family vacation this year. i’m not getting as many hits as i would have hoped; my one friend keeps answering the ads, but i don’t think she realizes it’s me until i respond back to her! so funny!

here’s a family picture of us from dear hubby’s birthday, last sunday.

i’ve taken a bit of a break from here. dear hubby and lion have been sick, and lion has been teething and we had a busy weekend and now this week i all of a sudden have a million things to do. that’s life i guess! i’ll be back later this week with details of may’s NaBloPoMo.

xo, mama lola

a wild birthday weekend!

saturday was a wild, bow-la-li-cious 5th birthday party for our friend wild, wild west. check out the slideshow i made of the good times had by all at the always fabulous bowlarama!
(music: duran duran, “wild boys”, 1984)

{* there seems to be some audio problems that dear hubby is trying to resolve! 
sounds fine to us, please let me know if you have any problems. thx.}

today, we had a small family party for dear hubby for his 36th birthday. we made a delish, three layer ice cream cake (thanks for the inspiration dear sun) and some afternoon nibblies. 

i bought dear hubby a weed wacker as a way to keep the romance alive in our relationship! seriously though, this way he can keep up on yard work and hopefully i won’t get as frustrated with him! 

always looking for ways to help my marriage!

[ birthday ring. ]

a peaceful evening now. two little boys tucked in bed, one already in dreamland, the other almost there, so it’s time to sit back and relax. birthdays are fun, but exhausting as well. a family portrait was attempted tonight too, we’ll see if i can post one up tomorrow!

g’night moon.

xo, mama lola

a family date night.

instead of just going out with just dear hubby for friday night date night, i was picked up after my hair appointment and taken out by all three of my guys! we went to a wonderful local joint that has lots of vegan friendly menu options, which are perfect for bear with his egg intolerance and me, as i am still on my cleanse. 

the food was taking a while so it was time for phone games!

we sat by the window so that the boys could stare at the train station across the road.

there was a promise to go over after dinner.

oh, what fun! it was windy and the temperature was dropping but the kids loved waiting for and then seeing the train. 

a cheap date. but, certainly one of the best i’ve had in a while. 

this weekend is a bit of a birthday extravaganza for us. tomorrow we’re heading to the big city to celebrate the fifth birthday of wild, wild wes! it’s going to be a bowling party and the kids are going to love it. hopefully i can get some good pictures of the kids in action!

then, sunday is my dear hubby’s birthday. we have family coming over for some treats and fun in the afternoon. bear is so excited for dad’s birthday and already gave away his surprise card! haha! birthday’s are just too exciting for the guy and he can’t control his enthusiasm!

have a wonderful weekend everyone!

xo, mama lola

bow tie tutorial: how to make your own!

the first bow tie i made for bear was a few years ago for my sister-law’s wedding.
since then i’ve made a few more for various special occasions. 


basic instructions:
choose your fabric. synthetics and silks tend to fray and be much more slippery when sewing, so more patience may be necessary as well!

1. fold fabric in half and cut out two rectangles simultaneously. then, ensure the “right side” of the fabric is facing each other and pin the two pieces of fabric together.

2. sew the pieces together, following along with the rectangle shape, remembering to leave an opening so that the fabric can be turned right side out. it’s also a good idea to enforce the stitching on either sides of the opening. i typically leave 3 cm’s. i just wing it with my machine only eyeballing the straight lines. 

3. turn the fabric side side out and then sew up the opening by hand.

4. now repeat the first three steps with rectangles of fabric that are a touch smaller than the first rectangle. when the bow tie is cinched and put together it gives it more depth.

5. cut another two rectangles out, this time wanting it to be long and skinny. this piece is going to cinch the bow tie in the middle and essentially hold it all together.

6. now there’s two ways to sew the middle section.
a) the proper way: place the two rectangle pieces (or take one larger piece and fold it in half) facing each other with the wrong side showing. sew three sides leaving one of the ends open. then turn it right side out. you may want to you use something like a pen or a kitchen utensil of sorts to help move the fabric as the piece is going to small and finicky.
b) the lazy way: place the rectangle pieces together with the right side showing and sew the one side creating a tube.

7. take the two larger bow rectangles, placing the smaller of the two on top of the other an dthen take the long, middle piece and wrap it around the centre. depending on if you went the proper or lazy way of sewing, make sure you tuck and raw edges and hide any imperfections. 

8. sew up the ends of the middle sections by hand, ensuring the bow tie stays in shape. some people like to attach the middle piece to the bow section. 

9. now add your elastic. loop it under the middle, cinching fabric and the sew the ends by hand. kids typically like them slightly loose and if you’re making one for a special occasion then you can tuck it nicely under the collar of a shirt.

let me know if these instructions make sense!

good luck!

xo, mama lola

valentine’s day birthday.

today is bear’s fourth birthday.

i have travelled down memory lane several times today and have had tears rolling down my cheeks as i remember the day my sweet boy was born. that was the day that i was thrust into motherhood; the day i became ÄITI. after a long labour, my midwives finally said “reach down and grab your baby”, and i did. there he was all 8 pounds of baby already in my arms and lying so comfortably on my chest. i couldn’t take my eyes off of him. i was quickly falling in love with this precious little person.

>> fast forward four years >>
it’s kind of nice to have a birthday on a regular ol’ weekday day. this tuesday was and is like so many. in the morning bear was off to preschool, while lion and i did some grocery shopping and ran some other errands. but, then for lunch we did something EXTRA special as a family. we went out for lunch at a local sushi restaurant, which was so much fun. the kids love sushi and to be in a restaurant during the day with all of us was so special. 

i made bear a special shirt with a big 4 on it. he was quite pleased to wear out, with his bow tie of course! 

a friend sent me this, 100 ways to be kind to your child. sometimes, even during the best of times a gentle reminder of kindness is welcome.


xo, mama lola

i feel the love.

today we celebrated our sweet bear turning four. we had a small handful of friends and family over. we munched on dear hubby’s delicious homemade pizza, soup and of course birthday cake! 

last night bear started to express some anxiety about turning four and the changes that would take place. he sat in my lap, holding back a cry as he told me he didn’t want to have a party or turn four. bear was worried about his clothes not fitting him anymore, and going to a new school in the fall. oh my! such real worries, and tough for someone so little to process alone. luckily, bear was able to overcome his worries, at least for today, and enjoy his party.

so, today we celebrated. it was such a wonderful party; the kids had fun as did the adults. lion fell asleep in his mummo’s arms just after everyone arrived. 

this wee fella was a big hit with everyone. he was so quiet and sweet. i was lucky enough to hold him for a few minutes and his tiny body was such a delight in my arms. he really made my uterus ache!

our youngest guest at 9 days of age. what a delight!

the cake was designed baked by bear, with some assistance from dear hubby and the two of them decorated it together. bear decided after his third birthday that for his fourth birthday he wanted a triangle cake. all year he has been reminding us of this request and today it came to fruition. such a funny request!

what a (chapped) smile! 
today i felt the love for my boy from so many people. it is a wonderful thing to witness your child interact with his peers in a respectable, kind, and loving way. bear has some friends now. real friends. friends whom he asks about, actually remembers, and looks forward to spending time with. 

do you see the bow ties the kids are wearing? i made them for the kiddos instead of handing out loot bags. they all loved ’em! i posted a tutorial, because they are super easy to make!


xo, mama lola
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