hump day!

bear is officially registered for school! his upcoming fourth birthday and getting him signed up for school are all coinciding, which emphasizes his growing up faster than i can keep up. we’ve had some long in depth conversations about what school is, what he’ll do there, who will be there and the purpose of it all. he’s worried that he doesn’t know how to read or that he doesn’t have a lunch bag. sweet bear! i think i will make a simple velcro bag for his lunch and then i can personalize it to his taste. i’ll also make some more reusable baggies so we can do the whole garbage free lunch, which is so easy to do and such an important lesson for the kids.

today bear zipped up his own jeans. what? are you kidding me? i mentioned to him last week that he will have to learn how to do all of these clothing things on his own in preparation for school. last week he unbuttoned a dress shirt on his own. he really isn’t three anymore and has moved onto four.
i am bursting with pride!

i’m getting my hair done this friday. it’s a big deal and worth writing about, because i so rarely go to the hairdresser’s. i am so excited as i will get my hair done and then for date night dear hubby and i will go see pina!

i get goosebumps watching the trailer. 
i love dance. 
and bikers.

it’s supposed to snow on friday. going for bike rides in february seems ludicrous… in canada! and looking at our dismal backyard, i really hope we get some big ol’ white flakes.  If so, it would be just in time for bear’s birthday!

happy hump-pa-di-hump day to all!

xo, mama lola

four, FOUR: almost there!

bear has been asking “is it my birthday” almost daily since christmas. if you ask when his birthday is he will answer “febwruary four (pause) teeth”, but, clearly, knowing the date has not helped him countdown to his day of celebration.

i’ve been scouring pinterest for fun and simple party ideas. sometimes i tend to take too much on and for this birthday,  i want to keep things easy and light. i’ve started cutting some scrap paper into funky streamers. i am also hoping to make a custom birthday boy shirt for my bear to wear to his party and on his actual birthday when he goes to preschool. 

[both shirt examples found on pinterest]

we sent some funky homemade invitations out to a few friends simo specifically wanted to invite. we decided that it’s up to him to decide who he wants here for his party.

i am getting pretty nostalgic thinking about my belly four years ago, being super pregnant and entering this mysterious thing called motherhood…. i will write more about that later this week.
xo, mama lola

oh, fire!

ozfire turned two this weekend. he’s the youngest son of friends and we had wonderful time at his birthday party this morning. i brought my camera, but completely forgot to take any pictures of the beautiful people there. 

as i was remembering back to his birth it made me think about my life and wonder where we were two years ago in january of 2010…

  • i was about three months pregnant.
  • i had just found out about my tumour and on the morning of ozfire’s birth, i had my second appointment with my neurologist.
  • i was on tylenol 3’s for the headaches and feeling so guilty while thinking about my unborn babe, my wee lion.
  • i was being referred to a high risk OB at the big hospital out of town, but i was able to keep my midwives on for support… LUCKILY!!!
  • we were living in another city, anxiously saving money for a down payment for a house in the city we currently live in.
  • bear was almost two, still in diapers, learning to talk, napping in the afternoons and clueless about the baby who was coming to rock our world.
  • dear hubby was working at a fairly new job and things we’re going well. 
  • unbeknownst to us, it was the beginning of the most stressful year of our lives. 

all of the above pictures of bear were taken in january 2010.
today, in january 2012, two years since all of that, i am truly coming to terms with all of that. dear hubby and i have come to the realization that we were in a fair bit of denial with the tumour situation and the specifics of the scary birth which brought us our wee lion. although we felt the seriousness of each situation, only now are the finer details settling into our consciousness. i am reminding myself that my focus should not be on the details of the past, but instead on the details of the future. 
happy birthday sweet ozfire! we love you so, so much and are looking forward to more shared adventures with you. choo-choo fire! 

xo, mama lola

skating party, with a side of teeth and birthday love!

today our city’s mayor hosted a party with skating, and music and treats, and lots of fun.

bear donned his skates for the first time, evah and off we went. it was excruciating holding him, but after a couple of rounds around the rink he wanted to do it on his own. i was bursting with pride — even though he kept falling, he would smile and pick himself up and try again. what a guy!

the zamboni came along and gave him a well deserved break!

lion was happy to watch from the sidelines.

he is riding a massive teething wave, which i don’t think has crested yet. he is constantly rubbing his gums with a finger, or toy, or furniture or his beloved soother! it looks like his gums are going to explode. they are so red and bulbous (ugh, hate that word), with tiny speckles of white teethy pearls shining through. our teething experience has been so different this time with lion, compared with bear. i just hope my little lion’s teeth come sooner rather than later, because the constant whining and super sensitive state he is in, is painful to watch and live with. If they don’t come soon, we’ll be taking a trip to Dentist Greenbelt for future support! Hopefully it’ll be sorted then and he won’t be in so much pain. I can not wait until his teeth come through, although, from what I can see peeping through at the moment, I am feeling quite jealous. No, not because of the pain he’s experiencing but because of how white they look, its amazing! This has prompted me to do some research on teeth whitening products so I can have some good looking nashers of my own. I’ve already searched up questions like “how long do crest white strips take to work” and “reviews on teeth whitening toothpaste”, so I know I’m bound to find the perfect solution soon. Anyways, lets focus on my son’s growing teeth for the time being…

one of our sweet little friends turned ONE on friday and i wanted to share a picture of her eating her birthday cupcake! happy birthday sweet girl! xoxo

hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

xo, mama lola

another year has come and gone… welcome 33.

i love my birthday.
i especially love spending it with my boys.

i used to share my birthday with my mummo before she passed away. here’s a picture of our first shared cake and the 66 candles that sat on top; one for me, 65 for her! denzel washington also celebrates his birthday with me. lucky me! or him!

my first birthday as a mama with my sweet bear.

as i enter 33 and 2012 i am hoping life will roll a little more easily and smoothly for myself and my family this year. i feel like we deserve a break from all of the turmoil that has been thrown in our faces in the past two years. i want to discover fantastic adventures with the kids, explore life through their eyes and travel this great land we call home. i would like to return to school and finish what i have started, sooner rather than later.

lion trying on my first pair of specs. he LOVED them!

perhaps with 33 i will discover the fountain of patience. although mothering has been easier this past month or so, i know i will be tested tremendously in the coming year. i want to be so much more than just a “good mother”, but fulfilling those expectations of myself are pretty much impossible. and not just patience with my kids, but more so with myself. 
i want to grow more as a person and find who i am again. i am so often only seen as a mother, but i am so much more. but i only have my self to blame for that, i have allowed the other parts of me to disappear under the exhaustion, the busyness and the oh-so predictable routine that has become my life. and not that those things are unpleasant, but they make it difficult to feel free, creative or curious.

we are heading up north to bring in the new year with some of our bestest friends! lots of good talkin’, good food and good booze! it looks like there will be snow, so the kids will be delighted to be able to go tobogganing and build snow people and the always popular lumilyhty!

see you on the other side.

xo, mama lola

* HaPpY * BiRtHdAy *

birthdays are becoming a reflective time for me. as people around me celebrate their special days, i often find myself looking back and remembering the yesteryears. sometimes i think i should have accomplished more in my life, but then wonder: more of what, exactly. i never did things by the book after high-school. instead, i carved my own path by moving out of my parents’ house at 19, getting a job and paying the rent. i lived in the big ol’ city and enjoyed my young adulthood to its fullest. now in our thirties, i feel there is pressure to accomplish certain societal expectations like a career outside the home (because mothering is not a career, it’s a hobby* said in a very sarcastic tone), owning a house, cars, a tv, but all of that stuff just doesn’t get my blood going. we want to uproot the kids and live in spain and live by the beach, but only for a year or so. we want to travel to developing countries and show our kids how differently other people live. i have no interest in having a tv or another car or a life that is predictable. predictability actually scares the pants off of us! here’s hoping the rest of our thirties will be filled with adventures!

tomorrow it’s my sweet and dear hubby’s 35th birthday. we will be celebrating at home, just the four of us and with horatio, the bulldog we’re dog-sitting. we will dance, drink and be merry together. bear will be elated to sing “happy birthday” to daddy and help blow out the candles. 

here’s a wee look back at some of dear hubby’s birthdays we have celebrated together over the years. we have other photos too, but since they were taken with a film camera back in the day, i can’t upload them easily onto the blog. all of these pictures are G-rated!

dear hubby’s surprise birthday party in our tiny apartment in china.

this was dear hubby’s birthday in zhenjiang, china in 2002 and was the first we shared together. we were there teaching english. look how young we look!! that time in our lives seems like a million light years away. we were so in love, so young, fearless and full of dreams.
we had just screamed “SURPRISE” and
scared the jeepers out of the guy! 

this birthday party in 2006 was so much fun! dear hubby and i were living it up in the big city at the time and were dependent free. at this party we celebrated with good beer, great friends and lots of laughs! dear hubby’s best friend was in town from germany, which was a wonderful treat!

dear hubby’s grandma always gave the best hugs, no matter what the occasion. look at the grip she has on her grandson’s head- now that’s love! 

she is dearly missed. xo

dear hubby’s first birthday as a daddy; bear is only two months here.

on this particular birthday in 2008, dear hubby and i hosted family for a crepe brunch in our tiny third floor apartment. it was a very unusually hot day for april, over +20c, hence the summer attire on my guys.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR HUBBY! this year is going to be amazing and fun!!! CHEERS!

xo, mama lola

magnets for kids BIRTHDAY loot bags

check-out these great magnets we made for the loot bags for bear’s third birthday in february. they were easy and fun to do. we got the idea from this site and followed her instructions for the most part

all you need are clear glass stones that are flat on one side, we bought ours from micheal’s, round magnets and special extra strong glue. the glue has to be strong so that the finished product doesn’t easily fall apart when used or if the fall on the floor. and, then the fun part is finding pictures to use for the magnets. i scoured old IKEA catalogues, mothering magazines, among other’s

dear hubby and i watched the movie “ordinary people“, and drank wine while we glued and trimmed paper. what a way to spend a saturday night!

the magnets were a big hit! kids loved them and the adults were amazed that we made them ourselves, that’s how great they looked!

xo, mama lola
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