mini cottage vacation in june!

sometimes, a mini vacation is just what i need to re-charge my batteries, get my head in order and just relax with family.

we went up to the cottage with our dear bubba & patty. the kids had a fantastic time playing in the water, swinging on the new tire swing, collecting sticks n’ things, making smores, sleeping in (wait, no that didn’t happen), and just having a jolly fun time! If you are interested in having a cottage vacation, you can find a great range of self catering holiday cottages in Silverdale or somewhere more local to you!

to our dismay, the cottage (or mansion worth $3 million) next door to us was purchased by a very wealthy person, who has now built an even bigger mansion worth at least $10, 000, 000!!! it’s not so much the value of the new “cottage” that us disturbing, but it’s the destruction they are doing on the natural environment that is heartbreaking. they have cut down massive swaths of trees on theIR property, which has in turn caused terrible erosion on their hillside land. everything about this mansion is custom and extreme to the max. the windows and doors are all bigger than anything you would find at home depot! they are creating a water feature about the same size in width as the cottage itself, with a waterfall, a river and a pool. this confuses me, BECAUSE THE PROPERTY IS ON A LAKE!

the new neighbours will not be moving in this summer, maybe not even next, as construction on such a massive scale takes years. all day, everyday the dirt road was busy with catering trucks feeding the workers, various pic-up trucks and vans driving back and forth… the dust was insane!

and then, one day we came back from town to this in front of our drive way…

a huge digger being transferred onto a flatbed, to be taken away. yes, this was a five year old’s dream, so we stood there and watched as the worker drove the digger on there, and then chained the huge piece of equipment on. but, it wasn’t really what we had hoped as our lion was napping in the car!

but, that being said we did have a great time boozing, snoozing, playing games, canoeing and hooping! We were able to enjoy a range of different games whilst we were out here. When the kids went to bed, the adults would make use of online casino websites to have our own casino night. We made sure to use a reliable recommendation website like to find a good casino website. Then we were able to enjoy slot machines and poker games online. That was fun. The cottage has decades and decades of family memories in it, and being up there is always so amazing!

eating outside is one of my favourite things to do at the cottage!

a dear friend and her darling daughter came for a visit, so we went out on the row boat.

the boys love the water up here.

went into rosseau. played on the bouncy castle and at the beach.

dear hubby and bubba put up a tire swing.

i got back into hooping! everyone had a turn!

us adults had many boozy nights with a lotta laughs and all sorts of shenanigans!

oh, the cottage life!


some of the pics are taken with my phone so that’s why the quality looks different. I’m considering getting something like memory t shirt quilts made from all of the photos to remind me of what a terrific vacation this was.

xo, mama lola

this moment.

as inspired by souleMama; one photo from our week, no words, only an image to sum up our time as a family. one that captures a moment in time and is a visual reminder of where we were at this time in our lives. 

father’s day morning at the cottage. xo

i would love it if you left a link to your { this moment }. 

xo, mama lola

family long weekend!

last weekend we had a beautiful long weekend up at the cottage with good friends. there was heaps of snow, super cold temperatures dipping down to close to -30c at night and warming up to about -15c during the day, and a lack of running water! that meant we got to use an out house, which with those temps was kinda cold on the tushie! but, the kids were brave and did it; it was us adults who needed more encouragement! for drinking we bring big jugs of water from home and for dishes we melt snow, but because there is electricity it’s not as bad or difficult as some may think. and there is a beautiful fire for cozies and warmth! 
it’s a super fun adventure!

we tobogganed for hours, went for a long walk up the road, the kids played all sorts of games, we ate tons of yummy food and us adults had a roaring good time after the kids went to sleep!

i took a gazillion pics, so instead of posting them all i made this wee movie. 


and, as usual we were the last family to leave and as usual we got stuck. this time, it wasn’t slippery conditions, but a dead car battery. but, CAA arrived quickly and we were on the road after lunch!

can’t wait to do it all again!

xo, mama lola

we headed north.

i’ve been away for a few days in a place that lacks easy access to the internet. we were up north, at the cottage with friends enjoying the fall weather. fall is one of my favourite times of year up there, with the leaves changing colour, the cooler temperatures that mean you have to have the fire going all day and all night. this weekend was pretty wet, but the falling rain that echoed on the steal roof was such beautiful sound, nobody complained about the rain. 

the kids loved being outside. we went for a nice hike up to the lookout point, which we discovered was also the perfect place to build a fairy hut. back at the cottage, we put them to work in the damp air. food always tastes so much better outside. so does beer. especially after filling the woodshed with fresh chopped logs. thanks for your hard work everyone! 

dear hubby and i have been following the tv show “so you think you can dance”, but because we don’t have cable at home, we have always been a little behind on the competition. on saturday, before dinner we watched the show on dear hubby’s laptop and saw the highly anticipated finale. it was such a thrilling show; we cried and laughed and then as the winners were announced, my screaming and excited clapping took off. i felt such joy and relief when my faves won the competition!!! cheers!

the kids always play so well together. we didn’t bring too many toys up, but the kids found lots to do regardless. they ran around all over the place, read stories, collected countless sticks for all sorts reasons and made some pretty amazing mud! 

hope you had a great weekend.

happy monday everyone!

xo, mama lola

time won’t give you time.

i am feeling a time crunch.
from a lot of sources.

we leave for our much anticipated family vacation in a handful of days and there are still things that need to happen before hand. things like, booking a possiblecamp site on cape breton in nova scotia, getting the car lightly cleaned on the inside, deciding if we need camping chairs, cancelling our mail delivery for the time we are gone, cancelling the newspaper delivery, laundry and so on and so on. aaahhhh!!!

when we return from our trip, we have a handful of days to prepare for the much anticipated wedding of bubba and patty. i am  co-MC and hopefully my partner and i can get some ideas going before our trip. i also have some sewing to do; i am making bowties for the boys, but i am waiting for the fabric which i was supposed to get at the beginning of july and still have not received it. yikes! luckily bowties don’t take long. i also have to make a pillow for the boys to carry down the aisle at the ceremony as they are the ring bearer’s. 

i also have some blogging i would like to get done before we leave. bear has been attending a summer camp and well, the drop off’s have been really difficult.

we had a fantastic cottage weekend with our dear friends. there were nine of us, and all the meal planning and event planning us mama’s did before hand worked out so well. everyone was happy and fed (for the most part) and we had an awesome time.

we visited a small amusement park called santa’s village where the kids were given silly elf hats upon entry.

we played hard, riding all sorts of fun rides, had lunch and then basically left. bear started to head down melt down road, so we decided to boot it back to the cottage for some relaxation, swimming and a beautiful, colourful dinner. 

the kids, all the kids were really into the water this summer. well, not lion really as he had a bit of a teething fever and was a bit dopey. but the three oldest kids were really working on their swimming. wearing life jackets or hanging around dad’s neck really boosted the kids’ confidence.

the cottage is such a wonderful place and we love going there with friends. not sure when we will get up there again. hopefully in september.

time to go make some games for the kids for the road trip. making some exciting magnet boards, felt boards and other fun stuff. i will post about those tomorrow!

xo, mama lola


we spent a glorious weekend swimming and soaking up the sun up at the cottage this past weekend. it was such fun; the boys love it up there surrounded by trees, nature and peace. 

we cottaged.

we swam.

we savoured.

we played.

we ate.

we spent time with family.

we made decorations for canada day.

we enjoyed simplicity.

i tried to relax and enjoy, but i was distracted. i have another follow up in the big city with my neurologist and endochronologist this week. the tension has caused great pain in my neck and the top of my spine. fingers crossed my MRI and bloodwork from a few weeks ago are all clear and i that i continue to be tumour free. i hate to worry. i hate tumours.
xo, mama lola…la.

friday evening we packed up the van and headed north to the family cottage. we stopped about half way for some cheap mexican fast food. the kids LOVED it!

and boy-o-boy am i glad we made the trek up! the drive up is pretty long and can be painful with the kids, but upon arrival all the stress of the trip up had been forgotten as we piled out and unloaded. the cottage is nestled in the forest, amongst the hemlock and by lake shore. there are chipmunks and the odd bear, deer and lots of birds to look for. and, as usual there were a million mosquitoes and black flies there to greet us! the mosquitoes devoured on bear, while the black flies preferred lion’s sweet blood. but, once bitten the bites didn’t seem to bother the kids, which was a relief!
we went swimming at the local beach in rosseau village (as the cottage beach is just too buggy) and the guys built sandcastles. but, by early afternoon it was time to head back to the peace and quiet of the cottage.

the cottage is a wonderful place to hideaway from the noise and static of the outside world. there is no internet or cable, just a radio. but we kept that off for a change. a few years ago someone in the family brought up a tv, so the kids did watch a little bit of bob the builder for a bit of calm.

unfortunately the serenity of the cottage is slowly being destroyed by development. there are huge mansions being built and in order to build them trees and habitats have to be bull dozed down. there was a huge eye sore built next door about 10 years ago. it has had several different owners and the most recent owners have torn down the entire mansion, ready to build something bigger, i suppose. the waste is heartbreaking, but the destruction of nature is even more devastating to witness.
what is wrong with people? We might look to go to the holiday parks in the Forest of Bowland one year as I’m told it’s unbelievably serene and quiet over there.

anyhow, we have friends who live close to the cottage so they came for a visit. i wish we lived closer– we miss the splatter’s so much!

their wee miss, is about the same age as our lion, so the kids had fun playing train tracks and later investigating the lake water. what a little beauty she is!

the drive back and return to the grind is always a difficult one.
i wish i could do THIS every day! jumping off the dock is too much fun!

we’re off to celebrate my FIL birthday with the family this evening. lucky grandpa will have all of his grand-kids there to party with!

see you tomorrow!

xo, mama lola


it’s time to start new and fresh, it is a new year after all. 2012 arrived in full glory with snow and rain and storms, but here we are safe and sound at home coming down from the holiday high.

we spent a glorious new year’s extra-long weekend with our dear friends at the cottage getting into all sorts of shanighans! kids of all sizes and generations had fun tobogganing, building forts and lumilyhty’s; we sat by the fire sipping various drinks and cocktails and munching on a lovely variety of festive treats; the conversations flowed easily, opinions were debated and ideas developed. it was fantastic!

there was a spectacular fireworks presentation thanks to papaD. unfortunately, bear was growly and little ozFire (almost 2yrs) was terrified and cried the entire time. there were also some fancy extra long sparklers for the big kids and they were such fun, even for the grumpy bear!
the big kids were really in their element enjoying all that mother nature had to offer. no matter what kind of precipitation was falling from the sky, the kids were out in full force. we did have to call them in to dry off and eat every few hours. check out the fancy snow fort below!

here’s a quick slide show of our winter fun!

our drive home took an unusual 7 hours due to some weather related difficulties. first we got stuck for an hour on the cottage driveway, which was incredibly frustrating. it had all iced and since we were the last car to leave we had to back up over tons of ice. finally after trying branches, wood blocks, salt, the ashes worked and got us on the road. 
then after driving for about 2 hours we hit a major snow storm and had to drive at 30-40km/ph. slow going, but safe i suppose. eventually we got home and quickly went to bed.

looking forward to all sorts of adventures that 2012 has to offer! 
my motto or mantra for this year is (stolen from friday night lights):
 “clear eyes, strong hearts, can’t lose.

xo, mama lola
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