hiya, everyone!

it’s been a while since i’ve been here. almost a year.

i’ve been in a weird of dark place. a place that’s been hard to navigate.  a confusing place with lots of dark corners and dead ends. 

in the spring my life slowly started to turn around. well, not quite turn around as that sounds too drastic, but slowly shift towards the light again. i think i’ve at least found a place that’s a little brighter, where things are clearer. it’s a process and a work in progress, but there in positive momentum in my life.





i have been busy with various things in the last year, one which i am super proud of; i have started making artsy, crafty things with my hands and selling them. it’s kinda a big deal in my world, as i have always thought that the things i made weren’t good enough. which then took me down that whole dark road to why bother.

i know it sounds confusing because so much of my blog has been about making things. but, i never really made things for other people, and certainly not to sell! i shared crafts i did with the boys when they were little and wee. i shared our recipes i made for dinner and holiday decorating aides that were simple, but pretty. everything was for other people. then last spring things changed, i found a little bit self confidence in a back pocket, i rallied support from my family and friends and then a wee local farmer’s market let me be a vendor! people LIKED what i was making and were willing to pay me their hard earned money! this blew me away, because i had always had this assumption that anyone can do this, my ability isn’t worthwhile…  

so, with my re-discovered creative self i am re-vamping bear & lion.

mama lola is back!

i am back to blogging. i will be sewing, daydreaming, creating, making, gluing, crafting, felting, photographing, selling, sharing my handmade items on here as well. there will also be pictures on instagram and facebook (go on over and follow me there as well!)

bear & lion is back up and running. i will slowly be adding things here, updating (bah, this part scares me as EVERYTHING is so freaking old), sharing and selling. it’s been a while since being in this space so please be patient with me! the tech side of my brain is covered in cobwebs and i may need to re-start it several times before i really find my groove!

so, WELCOME to all friends new & old.


xo, mama lola


cute halloween felt decorations!

last week i pulled out my box of felt and got busy with several different projects!

today i am sharing a halloween craft, which seems fitting as halloween is coming quickly this coming weekend! do you have all of your costumes organized and ready for trick-or-treating?

aren’t these googly-eyed halloween characters adorable?

halloween stuffies, felt halloween crafts

i made these wee adorable halloween felt decorations. i thought some people may want to add string or ribbon to them in order to hang them or make a spooky mobile. i personally left them as is, and have popped them on windowsills and flower pots peeking their googly eyes around the leaves.



various colours of felt

googly eyes

hot glue gun


various colours of embroidery thread and a needle




  1. fold your felt so you cut two identical pieces.

     2. thread your needle and sew the two pieces of felt together using a blanket stitch. leave a small space for stuffing filling.


halloween crafts. felt crafts, halloween


3. once you have stuffed enough stuffing keep sewing your blanket stitch.

4. hot glue gun the googly eyes onto the felt.


pumpkin felt ctafts, halloween crafts, felt crafts

felt ghost crafts, halloween felt crafts, googly eye crafts

these googly-eyes halloween cuties aren’t particularly spooky, but are super fun nonetheless. 

halloween crafts, googly eyed halloween decorations, felt crafts


now, i gotta get lion’s halloween costume organized. he’s a minion (as are so many other kids!) so i’m using mason jar lids to make his goggles! should work out well, i think! bear has worked hard at his wizard costume independently, which has been really fun to watch. he clearly has some specific ideas he wants to bring into fruition!

i will share pictures as we get more organized!

happy crafting friends!

xo, mama lola

DIY macrame plant hangers

with the warmer weather has come the urge to plant and grow things.  we have a lovely little covered porch where i hang a big basket of petunia’s each season. there are other hooks that need plants hung from them and i’ve been trying to think of ways to HANG plants without actually spending money.

macrame collage 2b

and, that’s when it hit me… MACRAME! yes, many think it’s tacky or too old school, but i actually really love macrame hanging planters. they can be so simple, neutral, colourful, or complex. the possibilities are endless.

so, for my firts attempt at macrame i wanted to start simple, and i found this fantastic tutorial from brit & co. below is the plant holder from them… BOOM, love that pink!

macrame 1 

here’s the one i made from an ancient, stretched out t-shirt.

and, yes of course it’s turquoise! haha!



i wanted to include some macrame inspiration i found.

macrame plant hanger, macrame

mini macrame hangers from free people

macrame plant hangers, macrame

5 hangers from modern macrame

macrame plant hangers

macrame plant hangers from erin made this


here’s another great tutorial from pigment using cotton rope and beads instead of fabric. aren’t they lovely?

macrame plant hanger, diy plant hanger,  


macrame, DIY ombre macrame, macrame plant hanger

macrame plant hanger from space craft studios


good luck with your own macrame project.

have a lovely week friends! 

xo, mama lola

top 5 thrifting tips!

i love finding a deal. i love making a deal.

bartering in different countries or garage sales is one of my favourite things to do! there are a few tips and tricks to getting the most our of your thrifting experience. at thrift stores i don’t think they really appreciate a haggler, but most places already have such low prices that there’s no need to argue for a better price!


the other day i went thrifting at some of the local spots, value village, goodwill, salvation army, bibles for missions…

look at the hilarious things i saw…

first let’s discuss the Kar-Kooker (did you notice the  awesome double K action?!?) there is a list on the front of the box of how this fantastic contraption can be used… baby bottles, soups, canned foods… enjoy the convenience of eating in your car, camper, boat or trailer” hahaha! love it!

and, check-out that cutie-a-too-teh on the right with her sweet blue jumper.  see where the yellow arrow is? that’s the original price stickers from simpson sears for $1.25!!! gotta love that!

thrifting 3b





1. everything will look cute, quirky and funny at first glance. and, you may want to buy it all! but, before you get caught up in the moment decide what you like to collect, whether it be tea cups or blue glass. know what colours you prefer in your home, for example, i only purchase white, turquoise or blue items for my kitchen, and only if i think i will really use it.

2. remember there is a constant supply of knick-knacks, baskets, and blue glass at thrift stores. the shelves will always get restocked and refreshed with new items. only buy what you need or truly want. i don’t care if it’s a good deal or a great price, it ain’t worth it unless you actually use it! every dollar adds up quickly, remember that!

3.  go often! that will mean different things to all of us, but when i have 30 minutes to kill, i will quickly hit up a few thrift stores. going often doesn’t mean i spend a lot of money, it just means i can keep tabs on things. the good stuff flies out of the stores quickly, so the more frequently you visit the shops the better your chances are of scoring something lovely!

4. know your brands and prices. not everything at a secondhand store is a great deal, so do your homework. this is especially true when it comes to designer glass and clothing. i’m not really into clothes so i don’t know many fancy name brands, but i do have friends who are great at finding awesome clothing deals! i’m much better at kitchen things! also, some thrift stores are much more expensive for things, thank other’s. this is why it pays to do your homework!

5. it’s good for the environment. buying secondhand is a good thing for our planet, as new materials don’t have to be used, trees don’t have to be killed and items don’t have to shipped across oceans. it all comes down to those 3 R’s REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE! pinterest is full of ideas on how to reuse old sweaters into mittens, or how to fix up old dressers into vanity’s or whatever. 

thrifting 2

and, is that an owl made out of shells? i can’t decide if $2 is a steal or way over priced! haha!

thrifting is also about thinking outside the box and using old things for something new. i love pretty vintage sheets, but i use them as table cloths instead, or cut them into napkins. 

happy thrifting, friends!

xo, mama lola

corner gallery wall: inspirations

corner gallery wall 9 b

it’s time for colour, fun and CrEAtiVitY!

our living room currently has white, plain walls.


we are just finishing our house reno (and i promise to share photo’s of that soon) and now we’re getting into the fun part… DECORATING! if you know me then you know that i’m constantly looking at wall stickers, paintings, vases, cabinets, etc. trying to find enough pieces to fill the room. i’m trying to find enough pieces to make a few eye-catching gallery walls. i want one in the corner of our living room as i’m hoping to create height and interest in this currently stark spaces. as i said, the walls are white and the room is calling out for a bit of colour. i also want one in our home office. we recently purchased some new office furniture from office monster and i love it. however, the wall behind the new desk is plain and again would look great as a gallery wall. the office furniture we bought all has a green theme, so i’m thinking white frames with green and black accents. i think green is a great colour for an office as it is calming and natural. we’re going to fill it with plants too, as they supposedly increase productivity.

generally, i love the look and feel of gallery walls with lots of different sized items with colour and lots of neutrals.

like this…

corner gallery wall 4

new studio from oh joy

but, i think for our spaces, because they are small(ish) i want to do something a bit more edgy and creative like this… unfortunately our ceilings aren’t as high, but i’m hoping to create a height with my gallery! I’m thinking of finding my favourite designs and then turning them into acrylic prints because you know what you’re getting with acrylic photo prints.

corner gallery wall 1

corner gallery wall from a beautiful mess

here are some other gallery walls i adore.

corner gallery wall 6

how to style a corner wall from kristina j

corner gallery wall 2

quincy’s room from honestly wtf

corner gallery wall 7

postcard wall from ideas to steal

i love how caitlin has created a gallery wall behind her tv, so it no longer sits as a focal point in a room she’s also chose some fantastic pieces!

corner gallery wall 3

living room gallery wall from desert domicile

corner gallery wall 5

a peek inside tara leydon’s stunning boho glam home from firtzroy

corner gallery wall 8

art wall re-do from leig blog

have you ever created a gallery wall?

do you have any tips or tricks for me?

thanks for stopping by! come and check me out on PINTEREST, i am always pinning, pinning and pinning more of my favourite things!

xo, mama lola
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