cute halloween felt decorations!

last week i pulled out my box of felt and got busy with several different projects!

today i am sharing a halloween craft, which seems fitting as halloween is coming quickly this coming weekend! do you have all of your costumes organized and ready for trick-or-treating?

aren’t these googly-eyed halloween characters adorable?

halloween stuffies, felt halloween crafts

i made these wee adorable halloween felt decorations. i thought some people may want to add string or ribbon to them in order to hang them or make a spooky mobile. i personally left them as is, and have popped them on windowsills and flower pots peeking their googly eyes around the leaves.



various colours of felt

googly eyes

hot glue gun


various colours of embroidery thread and a needle




  1. fold your felt so you cut two identical pieces.

     2. thread your needle and sew the two pieces of felt together using a blanket stitch. leave a small space for stuffing filling.


halloween crafts. felt crafts, halloween


3. once you have stuffed enough stuffing keep sewing your blanket stitch.

4. hot glue gun the googly eyes onto the felt.


pumpkin felt ctafts, halloween crafts, felt crafts

felt ghost crafts, halloween felt crafts, googly eye crafts

these googly-eyes halloween cuties aren’t particularly spooky, but are super fun nonetheless. 

halloween crafts, googly eyed halloween decorations, felt crafts


now, i gotta get lion’s halloween costume organized. he’s a minion (as are so many other kids!) so i’m using mason jar lids to make his goggles! should work out well, i think! bear has worked hard at his wizard costume independently, which has been really fun to watch. he clearly has some specific ideas he wants to bring into fruition!

i will share pictures as we get more organized!

happy crafting friends!

xo, mama lola

BAT craft round-up!

batcrafts 2

this BATTY round-up of bat crafts is intended for slightly older school aged kids. my kids, 5 and 7 love to get crafty and are often looking for slightly more challenging projects to get involved in. the brooch is actually an adult craft, but i thought with some adult assistance a kid could absolutely sew an adorable bat brooch! right?!

halloween is a month away and it’s time to decorate, a little at least! we’re not going to do too much outside this year as the road in front of our house is under major construction, but we will definitely put some fun decorations up inside. kitten friendly ones of course, leo our wee one is always jumping after anything and everything that hangs! haha!

ok, so here are the pictures and sources to each craft!

aren’t they just battyest ever!


bat origami from layers of learning



nocturnal animal craft : bat hat from green kid crafts



felt bat halloween brooch from do small things with love



paper bat puppet from made by joel



it’s getting batty around here (DIY) from buggie & jellybean

hope everyone is enjoying this transition to fall.

the weather has finally cooled and the air is crisp with fall!

xo, mama lola

day of the dead felt craft.


day of the dead, halloween, skulls, sugar skulls


i just love the look of the day of the dead sugar skulls. if you google or go on pinterest for images, there a zillions of colourful ideas and projects!  if you’re not feeling crafty and want to buy some fantastic sugar skulls, etsy is full of creative people selling their projectslikeflower pots, garlands and more. (pinterest has lots of links to etsy shops.)


so, i made some simple sugar skulls from felt and here’s what i did…



colourful felt


embroidery thread and needle

glue gun and glue




1. cut out the skull shapes. i chose to just cut them free hand deciding to do the front and back in different colours. i liked the way a more asymmetrical skull looked vs. a symmetrical one.

2. then i just started cutting shapes out of other colours of felt. an upside down heart makes for a great nose! once i liked the way something looked i used a glue gun to stick them to the skulls. then i stitched the mouths on.

3. sew the two sides together using a blanket stitch. leave a small opening to fill the sugar skulls with stuffing and then continue stitching.

4. voilà! such fun and colourful decorations!


day of the dead, sugar skulls, felt crafts

felt crafts, sugar skulls, day of the dead

day of the dead, felt crafts, sugar skulls, halloween

i’m super pleased with them! each sugar skull took about 30 minutes to make. i’ll be making a few more and then making a  garland out of all of them!


day of the dead


here’s some of my favourite places where i found inspiration : casa artelexia made those colourful sugar skulls with sequence eyes, pear mama made those awesome potato stamped tea towels and alisa burke painted the gorgeous, detailed rocks!


happy crafting!

xo, mama lola

DIY halloween lights!

DIY halloween lights, halloween, crafts, lights


check out what we made! i got the idea from landeelu.

during our current reno it’s hard to get too involved in crafty-goodness as everything is packed away in boxes or hidden in a corner under a pile of stuff. so this project was perfect, few materials and nothing to clean up. my boys loved, LOVED this craft. i bought a box of 30 ping pong balls from canadian tire for $10 and sharpies from target for $8, sounds expensive but the markers will last a while and we didn’t actually use all of the balls. i found a string of green x-mas lights in the basement, which i thought were perfect for spooky halloween lights!


*i did let both kids use permanent markers, but you don’t have to!


halloween lights, ping pong balls, crafts

check-out the spooky mummy, eye ball and pair of bats my boys drew!

halloween decorations, crafts, ping pong balls

sharpies, crafts


ping pong balls

permanent markers

exacto knife

string of x-mas lights



1. decorate each ping pong ball. we did all kinds of halloween themed drawings like bats, pumpkins, bleeding spider web, eyeballs and a mummy! spoooooky!

2. cut an X on the ping pong ball with an exacto knife. attach to light string. (consider which way you want your eyeball or other image to face once attached to light string)

3. hang in a place where they can be admired and plug in!


halloween lights, ping pong ball crafts, halloween

hope you love making your lights as much as we did!

xo, mama lola

DIY halloween garlands!

spooky halloween garlands

it’s time to think of halloween and get crafty!

i am going through a bit of a day of the dead phase; googling images and projects with the theme. i think this fall i will try to make a felt skull garland. i just love the bright colours, patterns and the combination of flowers and skulls!



halloween garlands

hissy fit halloween garland from pink martini’s and pearls


halloween garlands

DIY pumpkin garland from 36th avenue


halloween garlands

day of the dead felt sugar skull from casa artelexia

(these aren’t actually a garland, but i love the colours and thought the skulls could easily be attached to make one)


halloween garlands

tissue pom-pom garland with sugar skulls from paper source blog



spooky halloween garland from paper crave


halloween garlands

halloween tassle garland from the flair exchange


halloween garland

halloween spook banner from organize your stuff now


halloween garland

creepy spider garland from redheart


halloween garland

jack skellington halloween string garland from disney family


which garland is your favourite?

october starts next week! WHAT?!

it’s true, so let’s get brainstorming, plug in those glue guns and get crafting!


xo, mama lola

halloween fun!

we had a fantastic halloween this year! the kids were so psyched and everything seemed to fall into place perfectly!

lion decided he wanted to be a robot. so, he and i made him a simple costume out of a some vent-tube stuff from home depot, a cardboard box, a cereal box, spray paint, and various odds n’ ends we found at home. he loved his costume and i was so pleased with the way it turned out. 

bear wanted to be an astronaut. i had seen on pinterest several posts about how to make the jet pack out of empty pop bottles, but i wasn’t really sure how the rest of his costume was going to look like. but, thanks to a quick trip to the local thrift shop at the end of a dae night,  it too came together swimmingly! we found a super shiny vest and short set, which were perfect!

the boys had their own halloween parties at their school’s. that meant i had to do some creative back-n-forth driving to participate in both, but it all worked out, and i was so happy to join the fun!

after dinner it was time for the main event to get started : TRICK OR TREATING! with their boots on and their thrift store pum’kin buckets in hand, we headed on out. 

it was a dark and stormy night… no, for real. the downpour was ghastly, but making it worse was the incredible winds! i was holding onto the brolly with all my might and still it tried to fli inside out on me! but, the kids didn’t even notice that they were getting soggy!

once back home in our warm home, we all quickly changed into our pajama’s, made some tea and then checked out the mountain of candy. the kids received an enormous amount! maybe people were extra generous due to the weather, or maybe t’s cu they were just so darn cute, but whatever the reason the boys were delighted!


how was your halloween?

xo, mama lola

toilet paper roll spiders for halloween!

it is almost halloween, which means we are in full spider, witch, pumpkin’ craft mode!

last week i splurged and bought some silly supplies from the craft store… things like more googly eyes, tons of pipe cleaners, black felt and orange glitter! definitely a halloween theme going on here! 

so, here is what lion and i made… SPIDERS! this craft is perfect for the younger kiddo’s, as there is nothing creepy or scary about these spiders! 


  • 1 toilet paper roll
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • coloured construction paper
  • 1 big pom-poms
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • a sewing needle
[ busy at work at our messy , but FUN art table. took this pic with my phone.]


  1. cut toilet paper roll in half, cut construction paper to fit around each toiler paper roll half
  2. clue the paper onto toilet paper roll, and decorate. lion just used markers, but use your imagination here!
  3. take one pipe cleaner and cut into 4 equal parts (i folded the pipe cleaner in half, and then in half again to get the right size)
  4. poke 4 holes on each side of the decorated torso. i used a larger sewing needle and wiggled it around to make sure my pipe cleaner would fit through. attach legs and bend into spider-y pose!
  5. glue the pom-pom into one end of the roll, then glue on eyes!
  6. voila! a halloween spider!

we will be making lots of these and attaching them to our big cobweb! 

xo, mama lola

make your own sparkly cobwebs!

we made these fun cobwebs last year, check them out HERE, and are back at it again for this halloween! the kids love this craft!


  • wax paper
  • white glue
  • sprinkles in your choice of colour
  • a fridge


  • tear off a piece of wax paper. it has to be bigger than your cobweb.
  • hold your glue bottle upside down, squeeze the glue out and create the outline of your cobweb.
  • then, fill in cobweb with cobweb like patterns on the inside.
  • make sure the different levels and sections of the cobweb are all joined.
  • generously dump sprinkles all over the wet glue 
  • shake the sprinkles around, so that all of the glue is covered in sprinkles.
  • by gently bending the wax paper is a great way to get the sprinkles evenly to sick to the glue.
  • once you are satisfied with your glitter cobweb, place wax paper with cobweb onto flat surface in your fridge.
  • let sit in there for a few hours. it really depends on the thickness of your glue and the temperature of your fridge. 
  • once it is hard and dry gently peel the sparkly cobweb off of the wax paper. it can be brittle so be gentle and slow.
the cobwebs can be used on table tops or you can stick them to windows by dabbing a small amount of white glue into the corners of the cobweb. white glue will easily wash off your windows with a damp cloth!
xo, mama lola

quick halloween ghost project!

 i found some old white sheets in the basement and decided to get crafty just in time for halloween. this is a super simple, super quick project, but super spooky too!


  • old sheets or fabric of your choosing
  • thread, needle
  • scissors
  • to give the fabric a rougher, spookier look i tore the sheet into squares
  • i gathered whatever was left over and made little bundles, that i tied into head shaped balls
  • i sewed on the faces free hand with a needle and red thread, super quickly. the less precise they look, the better i think
  • i held the fabric tightly to make the fabric taught and flat, making it easier to sew
my kids love these ghosts! i’ve made four and they are hanging around spinning around on their own. it’s kinda spooky, actually! everyone who has seen them has adored them! 

quick and easy and perfect for halloween!

i made a small round-up of spooky halloween decorations that can be found HERE. some of those projects were the inspiration to this ghost!

xo, mama lola
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