health update!

i am often sharing about the various health issues that we are struggling with and i thought i would give a brief update on things.

let’s start with bear’s eczema.
well, it’s gone and has been for months. we had some blood work done last winter though our naturopath and discovered that he is allergic to eggs. so, we stopped eating them. we also cut out peas, barley (for the most part) and red kidney beans, which are also some of his triggers. both kids now take a probiotic daily, and bear takes cod liver oil as well. taking these helps his belly digest and absorb the things he needs more efficiently.

we are all so happy with the care our naturopath provides. we do not have to depend on hydrocortizone creams at all anymore, which is a huge relief. those creams are great, but only for short term use! bear himself is proud of his body for working so hard to get rid of the awful rash; i am so relived that he his back to his old, beautiful self and not screaming and crying from the itching pain.

and, as for me… i mentioned seeing a chiropractor a few weeks ago and i’ve been seeing her regularly for a several weeks now. my body is feeling much better, especially my neck, which we discovered to my horror has signs of whiplash. no wonder it’s been stiff and hurting for a long time! my friends are still adament that i should have contacted a whiplash accident lawyer after the accident. sometimes i wish i had, because this is not the most comfortable thing to live with and it should never have happened to me. but anyway, as i know that there is treatment for whiplash, my mind has been put at ease a little. hopefully, it won’t be too long until i start to feel 100% again.

To be honest with you, I’m surprised that my pain was from signs of whiplash, as I can’t remember doing anything that resulted in the sudden movement of my head. Even though the pain hasn’t been pleasant, I’m just glad that it is nothing more serious, as you always expect the worst in these types of situations. My chiropractor did say that it wouldn’t hurt to visit a physiotherapist, and my friend said those at CK Physio made so much difference to her pain when she had whiplash. I’m going to try some of the treatments for whiplash first and see if they work, but it’s good to know that there are other options that you can try. I know a lot of people recommend natural pain relief techniques, such as acupuncture or yoga, and herbal remedies like essential oils or CBD oil. It’s definitely worth investigating!

dear hubby is the healthiest guy i know! he suffers from terrible environmental allergies in the spring time and walks around with an epi for his walnut allergy, but this guys never gets sick. well, maybe he gets one cold a year, but he never even gets a headache! his constitution is amazing!

. . . . . . .

and here’s a quick update on our door. i painted it last weekend and it looks a million time better. what do you think?
i hate the colour purple or anything that resembles that colour. i’ve been wanting to paint over the ugly aubergine colour since we bought the house, but never got around to it, until last saturday! it still needs the kick plate attached.
next on the list, to paint the bathroom door.

hope you and your family are feeling healthy.
healthy enough to get to some projects around the house?
a healthy mind and body are not to be taken for granted!

happy saturday!

xo, mama lola
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