back-to-school with brother label maker!

i keep saying in my blog and to my friends that i don’t want to wish my summer away. and, i don’t. but, let’s be real here, school starts in a matter of weeks and it’s time to start planning. i don’t actually need to do too much shopping this year, but i do have to re-do a bunch of labels. I was going to get a thermal label printer to do this, but another option that works for me has come up. thanks to brother it’s going to be super easy and fast and FUN!

and, let me be clear here. this brother p-touch PT-D600 labeller is not your traditional label maker. this beauty can make custom labels in 6 different widths, has an awesome colour display, has lotsa funky fonts, can be connected to your computer (which means you may be able to add more fonts from Fontspace and other sites), makes fabric iron on labels, comes with cute symbols & pictures! such fun!


i’m no techno whiz, but i found this machine easy to use, and FUN! the boys love that they can easily ask for a label for a school item… voila, lunch box labelled… pencil box done! well, you get the idea! haha!


i want to label everything in my house now!

*this post is sponsored by brother brand, but the images and opinions expressed are my own.

xo, mama lola

dinosaur galore kit : a product review!

my boys have been obsessed with dinosaurs since the beginning of summer. they have devoured over books at the library, learning all about the different kinds of reptiles that once roamed our planet millions of years ago. they have drawn their own dinosaurs, built dinosaurs out of lego, and played a variety of imaginary dinosaur games.

so, when kelly at  two kids cooking & more contacted me to do a review of their kids painting kits, i was delighted to see the dinosaur option! but, if your kids are interested in other things there lots of other kits to choose from, check them out HERE

then one day we received a package in the mail and as soon the kids ripped it open, it was time to start painting! the dinosaur galore kit includes 4 wooden dinosaurs, which the boys divided among each other. my 3yo lion picked up a dinosaur and said “this is a triceratops”, so sweet! the other kinds of dinosaurs include a t-rex, a stegosaurus and brachiasaurus. (i had to ask my kids to list them, i cannot tell dinosausrs apart! haha!)

the kit came in a sweet burlap bag, with instructions, googly eyes, lots of paint and paint brushes! we laid down plastic on the kitchen floor and the kids got busy. the instructions recommend painting one side at a time, so that’s what we did.

look how cute everything in these photo’s are!

we let the paint dry and then got to work on the other side, and then the details. 

these dinosaurs are a fantastic craft, but once they are done they are the perfect size for playing with. my kids have created all sorts of games in imaginary worlds with their dino’s! they are so reasonably priced and kelly was so helpful with all of my questions! 

i love supporting small business, especially as we head into the holiday season! these painting kits would make a wonderful, unique gift for any budding artist OR you could gift the final product to a friend, cousin or doting grandma!

(i received this dinosaur galore kit as a gift from two kids cooking & more, but the views expressed are my own.)

xo, mama lola

yochi yochi shoes: a product review.

my little lion woke up one morning, stumbled down the stairs in his groggy state and found these super adorable frog shoes waiting for him on the table! 

“for me?” he asked.
“for you. try them on” i replied.

he slipped the shoes on easily, and as soon as he landed his first step the shoe made a silly squeak. then he landed another step and another, and the shoes kept squeaking away! the smile on my three year old’s face was priceless, as he repeated “rib-bit, rib-bit” jumping around the kitchen pretending to be a frog, as his shoes squeaked away!

these adorable shoes are by yochi yochi. they have four different designs you can pick from: lady bug, panda, skull n’ cross bone and of course these frogs! check out their website HERE. they also sell adorable socks that rattle with each movement. the socks are meant for babes.

the silly squeak is not only fun for kids, but also a great way to keep track of your independent toddler at a busy grocery store, for example. the sizes go from 4-10. the shoes are light weight, with easy to use velcro straps and a handy tab at the heel to help pull the shoes on. my lion loves to do up his own shoes and these shoes are no exception.

these adorable yochi yochi shoes are a perfect gift for any little person!


[ i was compensated in exchange for writing a product review for yochi yochi shoes, but the views and opinions are my own.]

xo, mama lola
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