determined with determination.

there is a robin flying into our kitchen window. he is doing it deliberately and constantly and the sound of his body hitting the glass is awful. he isn’t going full speed so the sound is more of a tap than a smash. the birdie’s technique is calculated; he sits on the fence about a metre away from the side of the house and then flies in, hits the pane and returns to the fence. he does this several times a minute. mr. robin redbreast has also left a crusty mess on the fence, but hopefully the rain will wash that off.

mr. redbreast sittin’ on the fence, next to decoys wing.

this being said, i will admit, i admire the little fella’s determination. he is so determined to defeat or mate with or whatever, the reflection he sees in the glass. even though he fails miserably after each attempt, he still just keeps on truckin’ with the task at hand: get other bird’s attention!

i am not like this at all. not to say i am not a hard worker, because i am, but i get easily distracted when at home and lose my focus and then my determination on a task. and not just because of the kids, but i am easily distracted by grand decorating ideas or sewing projects and especially by the allure of the shiny, unexplored of the internet. i love to search blogs and websites for sewing tutorials or craft projects. my “bookmarks” tab on my computer is out of hand; i have categories and then sub-categories! it’s that whole maybe one day i will get around to this and that. then to make matters worse i am always yammering on at dear hubby to finish the projects he has started, even though i am almost as bad with my own task completion abilities. 

i have grand ideas and am determined to create something special for my kids or friends or family and then get stuck on the planning and preliminary stages of the project. i tend to procrastinate and then eventually run out of time to complete anything. this is where my personal esteem issues start  to really play out. i am not going to get into that part of me as once i start to peel back the layers of the onion, the tears will start to pour and i’ll be a mess! the holidays are especially stressful  for this very reason!

sewing project mess.

once again, hats off to mr. robin redbreast and his determined soul!

in other news…

ta-daa! bear with this glasses.

my sweet little bear is now the proud owner of a fancy pair of glasses. when he tried them on the first time with his own lenses i was stunned at the strength of the prescription. the lenses are coke bottle thickness, which actually changes the way he looks. heartbreaking… he is rather proud though and i hope he just keeps them on his head. i am trying to teach him that he is not allowed to take them off without permission, as a way to instil loss prevention. we’ll see how this pans out i suppose. i wonder how things will go tomorrow at pre-school.

lion is back to three naps a day. must be a growth spurt as he wants to nurse when not sleeping. 

xo, mama lola
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