painting flower pots!

now that the growing season is here i want to share a favourite project that my boys love to do… paint terracotta flower pots!

painting flower pots, mother's day, gift idea, kids crafts

it’s a wonderful way to be creative, while also learning about how things grow. my kids made each of their grandmother’s a painted pot for mother’s day and planted a geranium in them. they were so proud of their




all you need are some pots, paints, brushes and we used a spray sealant to try to protect the pots from water.

i love using ice cube trays as paint trays instead, as they don’t tip over easily and the paints can be mixed well in the deep slots. my kids often paint outside as the tidying up is so much easier. plus, if they get paint all over it’s not a big deal!

DSC_0185b DSC_0218b


check out these lovely flower pots!

painted flower pots, kids crafts, mother's day, gift ideas, gifts for grandmothers painted flower pots, mother's day, gift idea

i love how carefree the kids are when painting. they do not get inhibited with concerns about what other’s may think of their creations. they just create completely in the moment, enjoying the paint and colours, but most importantly the process.

happy painting and planting to you!

xo, mama lola

stamping with food & natural treasures!

stamping with food, stamps, nature crafts

my kids love to paint and be creative. so, when we headed up to the cottage for the may long weekend i decided to plan a fun activity for the boys to try out. there are so many posts and pins about painting and stamping with food. i was a little weary at first, as the thought of wasting perfectly good food for crafts seemed so arrogant, but i found ways of negotiating around. for example, only painting with the tops of peppers and bottom of the celery stem. we also gathered some lovely natural items we found on the forest floor, like a bird’s feather, cedar branches and various leaves.


stamping with food, natural stamps, kids crafts

to get started i had all of our supplies ready and waiting for the kids.  i cut the food items, placed a few colours of paint on some tupperware container lids, got our paintbrushes out,  set out a container of water for rinsing the paintbrushes, placed paper under rocks so they wouldn’t fly away and made sure my camera battery was charged! haha!

stamping with food 8

stamping with food, art outside, kids crafts,

stamping with food 5b

stamping with food 3

stamping with food 9

stamping with food, kids crafts, art outside, nature crafts

painting, like eating, is so much better outside. the mess is easier to deal with and there’s something wonderful about listening to the birds sing while being creative. we also lucked out with a sunny day with only a light breeze. there is so much inspiration in the nature that surrounds us.


i hope you get a chance to do this craft with your kids!

xo, mama lola

lucky #13!

love is

source :


* luckily, 13 years ago i decided to go tree planting up in the clear cuts of northern ontario.

* luckily, i was ready to work hard, to learn new skills and live in the woods with 50 other strangers!

* luckily, i was cute and single and looking for love!

* luckily, my four person tent named hillary was a luxurious haven with lots of blankets, an air mattress and a sweet location.

* luckily, a super cute boy with twinkling blue eyes and a superb tan was there! (a tan as he had just returned from working on an organic farm in brazil).

* luckily, after a few small conversations at the breakfast buffet, our paths crossed one party night at camp and, well, the rest is history!

* and, luckily here we are today, married with kids living our lives.



it’s amazing how much has changed in the years since we met, and it’s amazing how much things have stayed the same. dear hubby and i first met in a parking lot at the shoreline hotel up in thunder bay, on mother’s day in 2001. all of us tree planters were to meet at this location on our first day so we could be told how to get to our camp out in the woods of ontario. once my tent was set up, and the first few days of planting had been survived,  i eventually chated with a sweet guy who spoke in a quiet, mumbly voice. he told me not to pack banana’s into my lunch that i would take out for the day of planting, but instead eat oranges. mosquitoes you see, love LOVE bananas!!! he gave me good planting advice too, helped me improve my speed, my daily numbers and supported me through all the aches and pains tree planting threw at me!


we have had a great time together traveling, raising kids and just being together. of course we have had our share of stress, dysfunction and turmoil, but somehow through it all we are still here together and  holding hands. that’s gotta count for something, right?


(these snails were in our front yard, so i snapped their picture with my phone.  their togetherness inspired this post and reminded me of when DH and i met. sappy? yes, but that’s me!)


love 1

happy thursday everyone!

xo, mama lola

this moment.



(this week i am including two photo’s instead of one. just cuz!)


as inspired by souleMama; one photo from our week, no words, only an image to sum up our time as a family. one that captures a moment in time and is a visual reminder of where we were at this time in our lives.


DSC_0173b DSC_0174b


please feel free to leave a link to your this moment  from this past week in the comments.

xo, mama lola

painting easter eggs!


my mum is an artist. she is the most creative person i know. everything she touches turns into art; paintings, cards, pottery, even the meals she prepares has some artistic flare in it. so amazing!

she has a stunning collection of hundreds of easter eggs she has decorated over the years. my kids know their mummo has special talents and love getting artsy with her. during easter we invite good friends over to my parents house and my mum lets the kids (all 5 of them) use her various art supplies. she patiently guides the budding artsists on how to get the paint to stay on brushes, how to colour blown eggs with markers or pencils. it’s amazing seeing them in action.



here are some of the beautiful eggs the kids created for easter. so lovely! my mum attaches the beads and ribbon, so the egss can be hung for decorations.




here are the kids with their art teacher. look at all of those adorable smiling faces!  i feel like bursting when i look at this photo!



we are of to celebrate easter with family today. it’s a beautiful day outside, the kids have made their cards and dear hubby is doing some yummy easter baking! he’s trying out a finnish recipe, which is tricky as some of the ingredients are hard to find. anyhow, more to come on that later!




xo, mama lola

spring traditions : the sugar bush!

one thing we really love to do in the spring time is visit the sugar bush. what’s the sugar bush you ask, well, it’s a wooded place with lots of sugar maples that get tapped in order to collect sap to make maple syrup. we visit a sugar bush at a local conservation area, which is called maple towne. i didn’t take a lot of pictures, because i was too busy chatting. but, there are more pics HERE from when we visited in 2012, look how little the boys look! ohMY!


the kids and i were at the end of a week of terrible sickness. i will spare you the gory details, and just say we had all been feverish, coughing and very tired for days and days, so it felt really good to get out of the house, stretch our legs and get some warm spring air into our lungs. we went with friends, which was the best medicine of all!


we walked, talked and soaked up a lot of the lovely sunshine. then we hopped on one of these fun horse drawn wagons for a ride through the sugar bush. the kids all loved it!


the kids both fell asleep on the drive home; we all actually felt totally exhausted.

do you visit the sugar bush?

where is it?

xo, mama lola

welcome spring!

welcome spring 2

i know, officially, spring started eons ago, but here in south-western ontario nothing has sprung, and we have enjoyed some very wintery days this spring. today is april 1st and i will formally welcome spring in the hopes of increased temperatures and plenty more of sunshine!



found this on facebook, y’all probably saw it too!


i love our four seasons, but this epic winter has been unrelenting and has not loosened it’s wicked grip for any relief. i feel restless for a new beginning; i want to change our daily habits to ones where we get to unzip our coats and throw them aside while we run around. i can’t wait to eat outside, even just snacks or small bowls of ice cream in the sun.


the thing i LOVE about spring, is that it is the start of so many new things. it’s as though we all get a clean slate to start fresh after a long dark winter. we are gifted with new grass for playing on, with new leaves that create lovely shade at the park, with dazzling new flowers to fill our sight lines with amazing bursts of colour, and new bumbly bugs flying around doing their thing (hopefully not bugging me, haha). the winds change from arctic harshness, to warm breezes that make me run around the house opening all of our windows letting in the warm gusts of fresh air! aahhh, i am so ready spring!


i heard this tune on the radio on my way home from my monthly blogger brunch, and i just had to blast it as i sang my heart out! CLICK HERE >>> bedouin soundclash and sing along! it’s hard not to feel cheerful from this song!



xo, mama lola

naturally decorated easter eggs

easter eggs, naturally decorated easter eggs

easter feels like it’s late this year, but with this epic winter i think it’s kinda fitting.

although, i do love all of the pastels associated with easter, i wanted to collect a few crafts that were more natural. i just love all of the crafts below. they are all simple in colour, concept and look, which i think will make a bigger impression in the end. i am keen to get my kids to help with these project and once the snow melts we can go pick some lovely leaves and flowers of our own.

easter eggs, eggs decorated with seeds, easter

how to decorate easter eggs with seeds via diy enthusiasts

easter eggs, growing easter grass in eggs,

holiday wheatgrass eggs via momtastic life

easter eggs, decorating eggs, flowers

decorated eggs via a daily something

easter eggs, decoupage flowers,

decorate eggs with pressed flowers via the magic onions

which one of these projects will you make?

thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

xo, mama lola
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