easter sewing projects!

easter sewing, easter crafts,

i love all of these easter sewing project ideas! they vary from quick n’ easy to more time consuming ones, but regardless of how much effort they require they are all super cute! i hope you are inspired by this mini round-up, and get your sewing machine loaded for action!

so, here we go…

easter sewing, kids t-shirt,

egg tee from icandy handmade

easter, sewing, fabric basket

fabric easter basket from V & co.

easter crafts, bunny mask, felt, sewing

easter bunny masks from rosy posy

easter garland, sewing, carrots, felt

easy felt carrot garland from positively splendid

easter sewing, bunny treat bags, easter pouches

easter bunny treat bags from sew can she

i think my kids would love it if i made any of these for them!

i’m loving all of these bright colours!

xo, mama lola

pressing flowers with kids.

pressing flowers, summer crafts

I remember as a little girl collecting all sorts of flowers and leaves and stuffing our old school, massive phone books with them. If I had an Instagram account, I would have definitely posted them on there instead of creating a book! I was never like in school due to my hobbies. I would have so needed to get instagram followers! Haha. those old phone books were ideal for pressing flowers, as you could fill them with quite a collection and the paper was perfect. plus, at our house any way we had a huge stack of yellow pages and white pages.

redtedart has a great tutorial on how to press flowers. it’s really not hard and you don’t need any special equipment, except maybe some patience as the flowers take a few weeks to press and dry properly. 

when travelling, i have picked a flower and placed them into the book i have with me. sometimes i have forgotten about them and rediscovered them a while later. what a lovely way to reminisce about an exciting adventure! 

the dainty squid pressed other wonderful natural finds, like mushrooms! 
go check out more of her beautiful pictures HERE!

this summer i will get the kids to collect and press a few leaves or flowers from our road trip. once we get back home, we can make something out of them!
xo, mama lola

the donkeys.

about a week ago we visited the donkey sanctuary of canada.

it was a beautiful, peaceful place where you can’t help but let yourself slow down and let your brain from racing along. we enjoyed the company of many of these serene four legged, furry animals. we were all pleasantly surprised at how calm donkeys are.

all of donkey’s here have a story to tell; where they came from and why they were brought to the sanctuary in the first place. some of the stories are heartbreaking ones of cruelty and neglect, while other’s easier to understand. there are about 60 donkey’s at the a sanctuary, and the name alone should describe the purpose of this place. it’s a safe place for donkey’s to live out their lives. we met one lovely donkey dame, names summer. she was 42 years old, which is considered old for donkey’s.

we spoke to several staff members who were eager to answer our questions and teach us about these quiet, often forgotten animals. donkey’s originate from northern africa and do not have any hierarchy in their herds, the way horses do. their “flight or fight” response is to fight, unlike the horse whose is for flight, and hence are considered stubborn. 

we also had a belated father’s day picnic celebration.
the kids made my dad binoculars. it was pretty cute and hilarious!

if you’re in this area, south-western ontario, go visit the donkey’s. they need our hearts and support and they are just so awesome! check out the sanctuary’s website HERE for operating hours and other details. there are also walking trails and a pond with fish and turles! fun!

xo, mama lola

mini cottage vacation in june!

sometimes, a mini vacation is just what i need to re-charge my batteries, get my head in order and just relax with family.

we went up to the cottage with our dear bubba & patty. the kids had a fantastic time playing in the water, swinging on the new tire swing, collecting sticks n’ things, making smores, sleeping in (wait, no that didn’t happen), and just having a jolly fun time! If you are interested in having a cottage vacation, you can find a great range of self catering holiday cottages in Silverdale or somewhere more local to you!

to our dismay, the cottage (or mansion worth $3 million) next door to us was purchased by a very wealthy person, who has now built an even bigger mansion worth at least $10, 000, 000!!! it’s not so much the value of the new “cottage” that us disturbing, but it’s the destruction they are doing on the natural environment that is heartbreaking. they have cut down massive swaths of trees on theIR property, which has in turn caused terrible erosion on their hillside land. everything about this mansion is custom and extreme to the max. the windows and doors are all bigger than anything you would find at home depot! they are creating a water feature about the same size in width as the cottage itself, with a waterfall, a river and a pool. this confuses me, BECAUSE THE PROPERTY IS ON A LAKE!

the new neighbours will not be moving in this summer, maybe not even next, as construction on such a massive scale takes years. all day, everyday the dirt road was busy with catering trucks feeding the workers, various pic-up trucks and vans driving back and forth… the dust was insane!

and then, one day we came back from town to this in front of our drive way…

a huge digger being transferred onto a flatbed, to be taken away. yes, this was a five year old’s dream, so we stood there and watched as the worker drove the digger on there, and then chained the huge piece of equipment on. but, it wasn’t really what we had hoped as our lion was napping in the car!

but, that being said we did have a great time boozing, snoozing, playing games, canoeing and hooping! We were able to enjoy a range of different games whilst we were out here. When the kids went to bed, the adults would make use of online casino websites to have our own casino night. We made sure to use a reliable recommendation website like best-casino.net/ to find a good casino website. Then we were able to enjoy slot machines and poker games online. That was fun. The cottage has decades and decades of family memories in it, and being up there is always so amazing!

eating outside is one of my favourite things to do at the cottage!

a dear friend and her darling daughter came for a visit, so we went out on the row boat.

the boys love the water up here.

went into rosseau. played on the bouncy castle and at the beach.

dear hubby and bubba put up a tire swing.

i got back into hooping! everyone had a turn!

us adults had many boozy nights with a lotta laughs and all sorts of shenanigans!

oh, the cottage life!


some of the pics are taken with my phone so that’s why the quality looks different. I’m considering getting something like memory t shirt quilts made from all of the photos to remind me of what a terrific vacation this was.

xo, mama lola

the river runs through it.

our city has two rivers that run through it. every year the community gets together and cleans up the garbage left over from winter along the river beds. but, this year there were other projects as well for people to participate in. projects like building crayfish habitats, adding mulch to the previously planted trees along the riverbank, or cleaning up the garbage from the river and it’s banks. we chose to learn about how to build crayfish habitats.

some sections of the river are busy with canada geese and at this time of year their goslings are busy growing. the wee grey puff balls are so cute!

although our kids are young, we think it is so important to get them involved in our local community, to learn about our local environment and participate in its up-keep where possible. it’s one thing to just live in a place, but to be involved in a community’s health and spirit are something very different. we met some really inspiring people, full of energy and knowledge to try to change things.

you can’t tell in these pictures, but lion fell and sat in the mud. his bum was covered in this thick, sticky mud. and his shoes, the cotton runners were drenched in water and mud! at home i had to do a thorough rinse before chucking them into the washing machine!

i had packed a picnic lunch, which we gobbled up quickly. building crayfish homes was exhausting work!

xo, mama lola

the stupidfication of DAD!

just before mother’s day i wrote about the degradation of mother. now, just days before we celebrate the men who are father’s i will write about the stupidfication of dad

it is everywhere you look, our media is saturated with jokes, sketches, books, tv shows, movies, blogs, characters, art, and so and so on, about the dumb dad. the dad who doesn’t know how to change a diaper, cook a healthy meal, . all he knows how to do is drink beer and sit in his man cave, while fearing his wife will find him and make him do a chore.

this representation of DUMB DAD infuriates me. the guys i know who are dad’s today, all changed diapers, know how to dress their kids, know how to throw together a healthy school lunch or dinner, and none of the dad’s i know, are stupid. they all make an effort to be good role models for their children, teaching life lessons through activities, conversations and by example. they are respectable, intelligent, and funny men!

dad’s and men weren’t always represented as dumb or incompetent.  back in the day, they were presented at the other extreme of the scale. dad’s were highly respected, highly feared men who ruled their homes. unfortunately, that respect stemmed from fear; children and women were expected to obey the men in their lives, whether they were father’s or husband’s. and if they didn’t fulfill the expectations they would be often be severely punished. 

but, over the years the pendulum has now swung to the other extreme of completely disrespecting dad’s.

for examples on how big name brands exploit this notion of dumb dad/ man, check out the commercials posted on this blog, stupid man commercials. or just google “dumb dad” and you’ll get countless hits on the subject. 

dear hubby is not a dumb dad or a stupid man. sure, he makes mistakes and he’s had his fair share of bad decisions  but, so do all of us; that’s all about being human. but, as a father he is quite capable and very hands on. i feel like my kids are very fortunate to have him as their dad.  dear hubby is a gentle, intelligent and very creative man, who is never phased by what other’s think of him!

xo, mama lola

father’s day craft ideas!

mother’s day has come and gone, and now it’s time to celebrate the DAD’s! i know dear hubby is a tricky guy to get gifts for, but i’m sure the kids and i will come up with a great plan! last year we bough him a baseball hat and had it embroiderer with ” #1 DAD”. it was a huge hit and he still gets a ton of compliments on it. the kids also made some awesome paper weights!
here is a round-up of DIY craft projects any dad would love!
1. necktie key chains from positively splendid
2. mosaic coasters from naturally educational
3. gone fishing vest from my lovely inspirations
4. golf tee porcupine from reading confetti
5. giant cookie from hungry happenings
6. grill apron from whimsical kids canvas
7. pencil cube from styrofoam crafts
8. popsickle stick pencil holder from art projects for kids
9. nuts n’ bolts frame from i love to create
10. dad & me mug from craft kaboose
xo, mama lola

teacher gifts!

there is just over a month of school for us, or bear specifically. i want to give something special to his teacher’s, because i really appreciate and value all of their efforts this year. bear has learned so much this past year. he is french immersion, which means he is surrounded by french all day and he is expected to speak it as well. and he does. not a lot, but enough to get by, he will ask to use the bathroom, sing songs and answer a few questions throughout the day. for this reason, i think i might look for something like these personalized bobbleheads and try to get it to resemble a french person, hopefully bear’s french teacher would appreciate the gesture!

i always enjoy talking to his teachers and getting to know them better. talking to them lets me find out so much more about them, like their teaching style and grading methods. if you want to get on the good side with your childs teacher then tell them about GradeCam, it’s a service bear’s teachers uses to help grade work, it really helps them out and the teacher would love you for introducing them to it. click here for it.

anyway, i have put together a collection of gifts that teachers may appreciate. i don’t think you have to spend a lot to show your appreciation. here are a few fun ideas to jazz up or personalize simple gift ideas. keep in mind the personality of the teacher – one with a good sense of humor may love a pair of custom face socks as a great in-joke, but one who is a bit more formal may prefer some cuff links or a tie. from what i have heard, teachers prefer to receive things that are meant for them, rather than their classroom, which makes good sense. you wouldn’t buy your mechanic a can of oil to show your gratitude, would you?

here we go!
50 cute sayings from skip to my lou
polka dot tote with cute printable from uncommon designs
personalized soap dispenser from design mom
printable, personal tags from making life whimsical
gift card and treat from hi sugarplum
succulent garden from the idea room

sometimes it’s nice to join forces with another family or two and get the teachers a “bigger” gift. like a gift card with more funds on it, or a fancier bag or whatever!

but, it is important to ensure the gift is personal and practical on some lever. crayon art of the teachers initials is not really what a teacher wants to receive… would you?

xo, mama lola

this moment.

as inspired by souleMama; one photo from our week, no words, only an image to sum up our time as a family. one that captures a moment in time and is a visual reminder of where we were at this time in our lives. 

i would love it if you left a link to your { this moment }. 

xo, mama lola
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