there’s a little bit of gypsy in me.

dear hubby and i have been watching this fascinating documentary on youtube about gypsies in the UK. it’s made for the BBC. each episode of the series focuses on the important stages of one’s life; birth, communion, marriage and death. men and women have very specific roles and defined boxes which they must fit into. their lives are ruled by old, strict  traditions, which have been influenced by modern times. worth a look.

the part of me that’s a little bit gypsy, is the yearning for movin’ and travelin’. a part of me has the yearning to move all the time; get up and go, find a new adventure. i grew up on the move and i feel quite fortunate to have experienced so much of the world before adulthood, thanks to my folks. we moved around, because my dad’s job gave us those opportunities. i was born and grew up mostly in finland, although a year of that was spent in england and almost two years in australia, until we landed on the shores of kanata and settled in t-dot. in and around these big moves we travelled as my parents were (and still are) big on experiencing new cultures. i don’t want to brag, (or do i?), but i have visited over 20 different countries and have lived in 5. i feel very fortunate.

dear hubby has also lived overseas in a couple of places and has travelled lots. that was one thing that made him so attractive at planting; he was straight off the plane from living and working on a brazilian cashew farm for the winter. dude was muscular and tanned! yum! 

wasted at carnival in recife, 2001.

dear hubby and i lived in china together. he took off right after planting, right before 9-11 and i joined him on my birthday, december 28th in 2001. in china we taught english to make a (very small) living, but it was enough to see the country from top to bottom. going to china after the love of my life was the best thing i ever did- look at us now!

china pics 2002: dear hubby when he was still dear boyfriend sleeping on the (slow) train to xi’an from zhenjiang; i’m the blonde on a hard seat train from nanjing to zhenjiang; that’s me checking out the metal wares in kashghar; dear hubby and i at huangshan (yellow mountain) with wild monkeys in the trees.

i hope desperately that we can offer bear and lion similar opportunities to see the world. it is expensive to get on the plane, but for so much of the world, once you are there it’s cheap to eat and get around. i want my kids to be curious about other people and other places that are unfamiliar and brave enough to jump in when they can. it’s not easy to travel from one country to another, and although i sometimes wish i had stronger and longer roots to a place, i am still glad my parents chose to ship us around a few times. 

our trip to finland 2008: bear learned to move at iso-mummo’s; at hietalahden flea market with bear on my back; dear hubby with bear in front of kiasma the modern art gallery in helsinki. 

xo, mama lola
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