it’s time to think about the kind of foot print you’re leaving on our earth.

i am hosting a NORWEX party tomorrow (sunday may 6). my friend terri-ann is the norwex queen and will come and show us how and where to use all the fabulous products they have. it’s going to be great fun; i will prepare some delicious treats, brew some yummy coffee and wait to see who shows up at my door!

if you are interested in the products check it out online or email me ( and i can connect you with the lovely, terri-ann. she’s amazing!

i’m super excited to chat with terri-ann, as i have always used environmentally friendly cleaners, but with the kids i am always looking for better products. norwex also has great personal care items, like shea butter, which i am definitely going to buy and use on bear’s eczema. i’m also interested in finding some nice cleaning cloths and am curious about the kids line of products.

xo, mama lola

leopard cubs.

i am so tired.
we had sleepover in the big city with friends, so we’re all exhausted. i will post pictures on thursday of the morning miracle that appeared as we were munching on our snack today. it was a dream come true for the kids!

i’m too sleepy to do a proper post, instead i will share this link.

have you seen anything so tiny, adorable, and fuzzy as these wee fur balls?! the leopard cubs were born april 13th, at a zoo in talinn, estonia. the boys and i check in on the mama as she cleans and nurses for her wee ones. it’s so sweet!

g’night everyone.
sweet dreams!

xo, mama lola

here and now.

my thoughts and feelings are in hyper drive these days, so here is a teeny peek into what’s going on.

i feel…
~ sadness surrounding my heart as the anniversary of lion’s birth is sitting in the horizon.
~ optimistic for our future. 
~ joy watching my children play together.
~ confusion about my place in my life…. should i go back to school in september?
~ scared of the dark unknowns in life.
~ love for my hubby; it’s been a difficult couple of months, but united we stand.
~ thrilled for our upcoming summer adventures.
~ happy to be planning a first birthday party for lion.
~ excited watching bear. he is on the brink of something huge!
~ thrilled to see some good friends tomorrow and catch up!

we’re getting ready for a long weekend adventure. it’s CANADA DAY tomorrow and it means we’re off to the annual bacon fry celebrations with a fantastic family and then hitting the cottage. here’s a picture of roo, bear and myself a year ago. don’t look too closely as the picture is not flattering, but it represents what we have lost and gained this past year. we are coming full circle in one week.

oooooooohhhhh canada, our home and native land……

xo, mama lola

you can.

here is something inspiring to get your weekend started. after the week i have had, i am in need of some serious inspiration. the dripping has stopped, but lion is teething some sharp ones and is feeling restless.

you can

: laugh again after unspeakable loss. joy will wind it’s way around scars that will never unknot within you – like smiling ivy warming tree roots.
: triple your income. jump a “class bracket”. pay cash. never worry again about if you have enough money to do what you want.
: be one week from filing divorce papers and see that he’s the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. (oh yes, I know of what I speak.)
: get over not getting what you thought you wanted to get but never got from your parents – because at some point, you need to get on with getting what you want in the here and now. (give your folks a break.)
: have never walked a full mile and become one of those people who not only runs many miles but LOVES to run. This happens, I’ve heard tell.
: where you used to fill space and time to avoid the terror of stillness, you can actually rest in the peace of your radiant mind. calm permeating.
: come out of the closet, stand in front of your family, and commit to the one you love in full colour and pride.
: lose the weight – permanently. yes, forever.
: hug the person who you sold you down the river when you run into her on the street years later — and mean it.
: start.
: finish.
: cure yourself.
: melt into love.
read it here.
loved it in my soul.
shared it.


xo, mama lola


argh. i am still learning how to do this. the tabs from up top are now in the “labels” section on the right hand side. any new recipes and crafty things will initially appear here in the main blog post section. if you want to find something later just check in the “labels” under the specific section.

xo, mama lola
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