• the best of summer in a watermelon salad! July 6, 2015 - today is the first monday of summer vacations at home. the boys and i have a few errands to run. we need to go to a few farm markets to buy fresh strawberries and other locally grown yummy produce. we need to buy new waterbottles (again) as lion keeps losing his! the kids both go […]
  • yummy roasted chickpeas. April 29, 2015 -   i made a carrot ginger soup for my weekly soup exchange and i wanted to include something yummy with the soup, other than my usual parsley or cilantro garnish… and then it hit me.. KAPOW… roasted chickpeas! it’s the easiest, yummiest add-on ever!  ok, so here we go. i was pretty generous with my […]
  • delicious fish tacos! March 15, 2015 -    fish tacos are pretty popular these days. I LOVE THEM! i decided to try and make my own and they turned out AWESOME! there was a lot of cutting, slicing and chopping involved for the mango salsa and the guacamole i also made. but, it was so worth it! i love the look of my […]
  • minestrone soup recipe February 1, 2015 - my neighbourhood soup exchange is going strong! here is another favourite soup recipe that i have added to my repertoire! a few weeks ago i was on pinterest looking for soup inspiration and i found this amazing 30 minute orzo minestrone soup recipe from julia’s blog, a cedar spoon. i loved the pictures of the hearty […]
  • wontons for dinner! January 9, 2015 -   after all the sweet and heavy foods of the christmas holidays, my taste buds have been craving all kinds of other flavours and textures. so, after surviving the the saturday after new years at the grocery store, i decided to spend two hours on the kitchen preparing food for my family. i’m not a […]
  • mouth watering cranberry recipes! December 15, 2014 - i love cranberries! they are such a wonderful tart flavour and can be used in so many different kinds of foods.  during the holiday season cranberries are especially popular in all sorts of goodies. here is a wonderful round-up of cranberry recipe ideas, ranging from butters to bars to salads! cranberry butter   the view […]
  • fave soup round up! October 2, 2014 -   we here in southern ontario we have enjoyed a lovely fall with warm temperatures making things feel more like summer! but, it seems as though things are taking turn now as cooler temperatures are settling in, grey skies are taking over. this kind of weather makes me want to pull out my crock-pot and […]
  • the best potato salad recipe…EVER! July 18, 2014 - now that bear is back to eating eggs, i can make my favourite potato salad recipe again. potato salad is one of those foods that i connect with summer BBQ’s and eating outside. my recipe has pickles and red onions in it for some extra flavour, which everyone LOVES!     INGREDIENTS: 4 medium red […]
  • sweet potato & carrot soup. May 22, 2014 - i made this soup the other day for my kids and they LOVED it. bear is happy to take warm soup in his thermos for his school lunch. INGREDIENTS: 4 sweet potatoes 4 medium/ large carrots 3 garlic cloves 2 bouillon cubes 8 cups water 2 tblsp olive oil 1/2 tsp cumin 1/2 tsp cinnamon […]
  • pita pizza’s for dinner! April 27, 2014 - this is such an easy dinner for when everyone is tired from the day. it’s also one where if the kids want to help they can get busy! we love to make pita pizza’s. using pita bread instead of store bought pizza dough is healthier, as they have less preservatives and weird ingredients. for our […]
  • perfect fall apple recipes! September 4, 2013 - fall has arrived. the kids are officially back to school. the trees are starting to slowly change colour and lose their leaves. people are taking about going apple picking and there’s even a crispness in the air on some mornings, oh yes, fall has definitely arrived. this time of year i like to use my oven a […]
  • fun vegetarian lunch ideas! August 29, 2013 - i know many kids have already returned back to school. my eldest goes back next week, and to prepare i have collected some healthy, fun lunch ideas! my bear gets easily distracted from eating, so i’m hoping if i change things up a little and create little fun surprises, then maybe he’ll be more inclined […]
  • make your own sushi! March 17, 2013 - many people are very surprised when i tell them that sushi is my families favourite food. bear, in fact, hates cooked fish and refuses to eat it, but will happily gobble up raw salmon in a flash. strange? perhaps, but i don’t mind. it’s healthy and the benefits of salmon on his wee body are […]
  • pizza pops! October 16, 2012 - bear complains that he doesn’t have enough time to eat at school. he is an excruciatingly slow eater at home and i’m sure at school he is even slower, as he gets distracted so easily. i’ve tried to figure out how to fill him with lots of good calories, fats and energy, without loading him up on […]
  • tomato n’ cheese sami’s. October 2, 2012 - these are the perfect sami’s for lunch on a cold, damp fall afternoon.  all you need is bread of any kind, butter, cheese of any kind, tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh ground sea salt n’ pepper. i buttered each piece of bread first, layered some thinly sliced extra old cheddar cheese, then i placed the […]
  • healthy quinoa patties for dinner! September 17, 2012 - i have been looking on pinterest for more interesting lunch ideas for bear. he loves wraps and sandwiches just fine, but they look pretty plain and no amount of avocado will jazz things up enough! while pinning, i stumbled upon this recipe for quinoa patties from an aussie food blog, cook republic. yum! we have […]
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